Prose That Blows


Elizabeth was walking through the neighborhood on a sunny day wearing light blue underwear, a light blue bra, black jeans and a yellow button up shirt. She was heading to the park because the most happiest thing happened there. She met a nice boy named Stevie who she now adores and has a crush on. She couldn’t keep her mind off of him until she turned a corner and saw him talking to some friends. She hid behind the corner wall and stared at him. She felt her heart beat faster, she started blushing and she felt her love for him getting bigger and bigger. Then she felt a tightness in her stomach which distracted her from Stevie. She looked down in shock to see her belly expanding out. She gasped at the sight of your round belly. Elizabeth looked back toward Stevie to see him saying good bye to his friends and walking toward her. Elizabeth turned around and looked for a place to hide. She found an alley to hide in. She walked into the alley as one of her buttons popped off. She crouched in the alley and yet another button flew off, showing her belly button. She heard his footsteps getting closer as her back and front started pushing out. She held her breathe as Stevie passed her. She sighed in relief, then get jeans button popped off leaving her jeans zipper to unzip from her ballooning body. Her light blue underwear started poking out as her buttcrack also started showing. She felt like she was going to burst when suddenly her body started deflating. Soon back to normal, she decided to keep going to the park. But as she walked out of the alley, behind her a voice greeted her “hi Elizabeth.” Elizabeth turned around to see Stevie walking up behind her. “Hey Stevie” Elizabeth greeted as she started blushing. “What are you doing” he asked. “Just walking around” replied Elizabeth. She took a deep breathe then said “I was going to get lunch, want to come.” “Sure, I’ll come” replied Stevie. They walked together to town and all the way there, Elizabeth was blushing from affection and love.

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