Prose That Blows

Stress Inflating

Brooke was bored. No no, not just bored, sad. She’d just broken up with her longtime boyfriend, and she was feeling the pain. They had been through everything together, traveled all over the world and back, and now this. She had caught him cheating on her with another woman, but not just any other woman, her best friend.

So it was safe to say she was feeling a little low. She had a random show she needed to watch playing on her TV, and she was lounging on her couch, feeling lower than she ever had before. She was half tempted to run out to get her favorite ice cream, but that really wasn’t her thing. She was a health nut, and rather athletic to boot. She had a slim form, dwarfed by the large blanket spread over her body. Underneath, she was wearing her favorite pink fuzzy pajama pants, the pattern covered in small hearts, with a simple spaghetti strap shirt as her top. She sighed, and rolled over.

“Why did they do this to me? What did I ever do to them? Why couldn’t-” She sighed. If she got into this way of thinking, she’d never get out. She sighed, and flipped over to face the TV. She knew what she could do. What she did instead of what all of her friends did.

She called it, ‘Stress Inflating’.

Instead of going on a binge and eating as much ice cream as she could shove down her face, she put on her favorite clothing, got comfortable, and blew herself up as big as she could. The feeling always put her mind at ease, and by the time she had deflated, she was feeling much better about life and about herself. Brooke lugged down a new helium tank she’d picked up, this one the best of both worlds. ‘Chocolate Helium’ was printed on the side in curly red letters. She got it from an online specialty store after browsing for new ways to blow herself up like a balloon. Setting it down next to the couch, she walked over to turn on a good romantic comedy before laying out under the blanket.

The movie started, the two leads starting off as simple coworkers. She slipped the hose into her mouth, and turned on the helium, low to start. Looking down at herself, she watched as her chest started to fill up, her top starting to stretch over her growing breasts. She felt the air moving in them, making them softer as they grew. Her stomach wasn’t far behind, filling up like a toy beach ball in no time.

“Mmm…” She sighed, putting her hands behind her head to watch the movie. Lazily, she turned up the air, feeling it rush into her cheeks before down into the rest of her body. It was rather good chocolate, tasting like she was eating the real thing. She turned it up again, feeling the helium start to rush into her body, filling up and out at a much faster rate.

“Mmmm…” She moaned, the fabric of her shirt teasing her sensitive skin. Her chest was the size of two large watermelons, with her torso now rounded out like a small parade balloon. Her arms soon filled up, as well as her legs, stretching out like points on a star. The blanket slid off, now too small for her rounded form.

“Mmmph.” She grunted, feeling the strain and heat in her cheeks. The helium was still pumping into her, stretching her out into a round ball, save for her still growing breasts, now blocking the view of the TV. She floated up to the ceiling, bouncing lightly when she made contact. Before long, her top ripped off, leaving her only the stretchy pants as cover.

With a sigh, Brooke closed her eyes, taking in how good she felt when she was this big. She flapped her hands a bit, using her foot to turn herself to see the romantic leads on their first date. She spit the hose out, and let out a high pitched sigh.

“Perfect.” She squeaked, happy to watch the movie from her floating vantage point. It wasn’t the best solution, but it worked for her.

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