Prose That Blows

Spontaneous, by Pakona


by Pakona

Karen carefully crept into her office suite carrying a bottle of experimental reverse-diffusion formula she swiped from the lab. The reasonable action would’ve been to simply ask the scientists to hand it over, seeing how she was in charge of the business and she funded the research with her own fortune but Karen wanted to make things more interesting. The more preparation and testing the lab put into this, the more the excitement started to diminish. She wanted to use the formula on herself, preferably away from any isolated room or scientific environment.

Pressing down on the container’s spray nozzle, a steady stream of dense mist appeared which Karen directed towards her own body, showering her entire torso along with the dark knee-high formal dress she wore.

Ooh, she shivered, dropping the container at her feet and kneeling down to the floor. A powerful chill was coursing through her body. Whether it was the formula taking effect or her own anxiety overpowering her she wasn’t sure but either way, the thrill was definitely there.

She was suddenly shaken by a tremendous surge pushing her entire body outward, nearly causing her to lose her balance. Eagerly glancing over her frame, she found no supposed signs of the change she desired. Had she not used enough formula to get the results she yearned for or was the fruit of the research ultimately a dud? Her questions were brought to an abrupt stop when another wave of pressure took her by surprise. The formula was still in effect it turned out and this time she noticed some results. Her attire had gotten slightly tighter around her midsection and her chest seemed a little rounder and fuller than she last remembered.

Yes!, she squealed with delight before being shaken about by another surge, propelling her onto her somewhat bouncier backside.

The spray was in full effect now and her body was unrelenting to pump up to greater dimensions, each rapid burst of pressure filling her out a little further, accompanied by an overwhelmed but ecstatic gasp from Karen herself. She had wanted this for years but never was she expecting to get so much excitement out of the experience. The sides of her dress were tearing apart as her stomach breached its tiny satin confines, leaving solely her undergarments to cover her protruding hips and buttocks if only minimally, but her diminishing attire was of little concern to her in her present bliss.

She soon found herself lying on her side to make room for her burgeoning belly and rear, all the while clutching at her bowling-ball sized breasts, kicking frantically, and hoping for more.  She was certain nothing would spoil her fun tonight, at least until she heard the door to her office open, forcing her out of her stupor to angle her head and move her body to see the uninvited guest over her vast yet cumbersome curves.

“So this is where the formula went”, he spoke, noting the newly transformed Karen and the bottle next to her. It was Zeke, one of the leading scientists who made the reverse-diffusion formula.

“I-I can expla… ooooohhhhh”, Karen tried to reply before being cut off by another boost of pressure. Deep down, she knew there was nothing to explain though. She couldn’t fool anyone at this point, especially given the lack of concentration in her present state.

“Oh, I understand completely”, Zeke responded, “you helped fund our project but not for the noble intentions of science you claimed. You had a dream that seemed impossible, even with a vast fortune at your disposal.”

“Y-You don’t know… how much I wanted this”, Karen groaned happily.

“Oh but I do know”, Zeke rebutted.” In fact, you could say I started this research for the exact same reason.”

To Karen’s surprise, Zeke pulled out another bottle of formula out of his pocket and brought it up to her.

“Would you like a second dose?”, he asked with a sly smile.

She smiled back eagerly. Things were about to get a whole lot more exciting.

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