Prose That Blows

Outbreak, by T-Danger


by T-Danger

Co-Runner-up: Best Story

When one goes to sleep at night, there is the pleasing certainty that when we wake, we will be in the same place, in the exact state we drifted off in.So when Nina woke up, felt a weight on her chest, and looked down at herself to discover she had changed, she was not very pleased.When she had gone to bed, her breasts were a modest C-Cup. Now she had what appeared to be a pair of volleyballs grafted to her chest, straining her pyjama top.

“What the..” She gasped, leaping out of bed and sending her breasts jiggling back and forth. Barely able to keep calm, she stood before her mirror, noticing that her hips and bottom were also much curvier than before.

“What is this..” She touched her breasts, noting that despite their size, they were unnaturally light.She reached for her phone and dialed up the number for her GP.

“We’re sorry, but the line is busy..”


She was about to get dressed when suddenly..”ACHOOO!”

The sneeze was quickly followed by the sound of fabric ripping and a faint hissing. She opened her eyes to see her breasts and hips had increased in size by several inches, bursting her clothes open.She was now officially freaked out.

Deciding to see her doctor personally, she pulled on several different clothes, trying to find something that fit. She reluctantly settled on a baggy sweater which was not so baggy as it clung to her boobs, the hem pulled up to expose her slim midriff, and some tracksuit bottoms she could only just stretch around her arse. She carefully stepped outside her apartment, trying not to send her bosom wobbling wildly with each step. She hadn’t gone far when she heard footsteps approaching.

“Nina!” It was her neighbour Milly, a cute, slim, bubbley blond. Except she wasn’t so bubbley, or slim at that moment. She appeared to have become nine months pregnant overnight, her round belly peeking out of her open blouse.

“Jesus, what happened to you?” Nina moved to comfort the crying girl.

“I don’t know!” Milly wailed, prodding her gut. “I just woke up and… this was here!”

“It happened to me too.” Nina replied.

“What’s happen… AH.. ACHOOO!”

Milly sneezed, and Nina witnessed her friend’s stomach surge outward, stretching out a foot away from her body before it stopped.Both girls looked at each other with fearful eyes.

“We’re going to the doctor’s. Now!”

It took some time to squeeze Milly into the back of her compact, but soon they were driving into town. But when they reached the local hospital, they were greeted with an incredible sight.

A long queue made of dozens of people stood outside the hospital’s entrance, waiting to get in. Every single person was a woman, and every one was as gravid as they were, their clothing barely holding their breasts and bellies in.” Jesus, no wonder I couldn’t get him on the phone.” Nina spoke.

“What the hell is going on?” Milly spoke softly.

“Beats me…” Nina spotted a Starbucks across the road. “Let’s get a drink, see if someone knows anything.”

Inside they found several patrons, both round and unaffected, watching the news on a mounted TV. The pretty newscaster spoke calmly and professionally.

“..And our main story, reports are coming in of a strange illness affecting towns in the northern areas. Hospitals have reported hundreds of women coming in with signs of…” She paused, trying to find the words. “..inflammation brought on by allergies.”

They gasped as shots of hundreds of women with grand bellies and breasts flashed on the screen.

“What is this, some sort of virus?” Milly breathed.

“So far this has only affected places in the north, and health authorities are taking steps to prevent this affliction from spreading to other areas. They currently advis.. as.. ACHOOO!”

Everyone gasped as the newscaster’s blouse literally exploded open, her now enormous breasts surging outwards into the open air. She registered a look of horror before the screen went blank, claiming technical difficulties.

Milly stared at Nina, eyes wide with fear. “What are we gonna do?”

“It’ll be alright.” Nina patted her friend’s shoulder. I’m sure they’re already doing something about it.”

She hoped she sounded reassuring. But as she felt the tickling of a sneeze building up in her nostrils, she had a feeling things would get a lot worse before they got better.

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