Prose That Blows

Handle, by yrralldlok2


by yrralldlok2

She had a few minutes before he came home, he was going to get a surprise on an upward scale she was sure. She knew about his fantasy and it placed a smile on her face whenever she looked at the pump in the corner… not exactly hidden but not overtly shown either but to her it was like a magnet. What would happen? Could it happen or would it just be a silly night of fun arousal for the two of them. Should she get her own disappointment out of the way so she could throw herself into the role?

She decided yes and dragged the bike pump towards the centre of her living room. She closed the curtains that looked on to the street and with bubbling excitement she did what she once considered unthinkable. She bit down on the hose and read the logo on the side of the pump… Air-Fill. She looked at the image of a woman which was wrapped around the cylinder, she had bought it because of the image of a distended figure of a woman and ironically she thought the woman looked just a little like her… just a little.

If he was going to be home on time she only had about three minutes to go, she had to do it now. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath while counting to three with both hands on the handle… one… two…

“Three!” she whispered, hose in her mouth and pushed downwards sharply.

At first it felt like her cheeks would burst from the sudden pressure but in less than a second that feeling was replaced by the indescribable feeling of a wish being fulfilled. She let go of the handle and used both hands to caress her burgeoning stomach. Looking down she saw that the pump had actually worked as advertised. Just one pump and already she was turning into a… no… no she wasn’t like that yet, her stomach might have been shiny as latex rubber and perhaps as soft but she certainly hadn’t done enough pumping to be considered as such.

How long had she been exploring her new figure? Too long, she had time maybe for another pump. She let go of her belly and felt the displaced air settling back to its position in her much rounder tummy. She grasped the handle and pulled the plunger back to its starting position hearing the pump suck some of the air in the room into its interior. Should she count down? No. Not this time.

The handle descended and air compressed as it travelled through the hose. She felt it enter her mouth and this time her cheeks didn’t hurt, the air passed harmlessly into her system and her round tummy gained another couple of inches. It felt firm and soft as she caressed her shiny belly. As she stroked it she could hear a particular squeal of protest where her fingers dragged too long. He was going to be so turned on when he saw her.

There was a figure at the door, the sound of a key fiddling inside the lock… She beamed as the door opened and she could only think… how far would they go tonight?

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