Prose That Blows

The C. Plenty Building Incident, by Dr. Bo


by Dr. Bo

This is a transcript from an audio recording that have been found in the crater of the Miss C. Plenty Building by the current team of investigator. Given Miss C. Plenty exceptional physical condition and intentions mentioned in this document, without a doubt this should clear all mysteries surrounding this incident:

“- Madam, I found a document you may find most interesting (this voice have been identified as Mrs. X (name classified for the proceeding), private aid for Miss C. Plenty)

– Another girl pigging herself and getting all stuffed? I’ve seen them all I’m afraid; fresh faces maybe, but deliciously overfed and outstretched bodies I’ve seen as far as it can go, and right now I myself is the pinnacle of excess that can be reached; just look how VAST I am (confirmed as Miss C. Plenty voice)

(Soft sound, assumed from Miss C. Plenty patting her record–sized body)

– This one managed to… Well, I’ll let you ear (Mrs. X again, followed by click from a tape deck)

– I’m so hungry … (a third voice played from a tape recorder; Unknown woman)

I’m so hungry; I’ll have a colossal meal and fill me up until I can’t take it anymore…

…now that’s was a good meal! It feels so good to be so full! I ate so much I’m round and puffy! I should finish rounding it up by having some more dessert…

…I should be done eating now; I’m literally stuffing myself up like a cream puff! I like the feeling of getting so round and so full…

…I really should stop pigging myself up like that, or I going make myself explode if don’t stop soon, I must be about three time my original size by now…

…how can I keep engulfing all these dessert? I turned into a gigantic cow; I’m as fat as a beached whale! Ooohhh, why be reasonable at this point? Better just keep on eating; I just want to make myself even WIDER…

…Ooohhh, I can’t get much more without exploding like a bomb… I can’t even reach my belly button with both hands… I’m downright MOUNTAINEOUS! Ooohhh, more dessert, I don’t want to burst, but I’m soooooo hungry…

…Ooohhh! I feel so good, so fulfilled, so beautiful! I’m fat as a Zeppelin about to burst, and I really should stop, but I just got to finish these last few cakes, marshmallow and brownies…

…Ooohhh! My body is SOOOO tight; I’m at absolute, absolute bursting point, a lady cream puff pastry filled by gallons and gallons of sugary goods…

…Ooohhh! I’ll stop right after that bite to avoid exploding… right… after… that last one…

…just… that… tiny… little… last… chocolaty… bite…


(loud static screeches, end of tape)

– She ate… she ate up until she just went… BANG! So… It can be done! Ooohhh, I never dreamed a body could simply reach such a climax… It means that I can do it! With all the body mass I gained and build over the year in order to get as magnificent and disproportionate as my dreams I never even fantasize I could DO such a feat! But now I see; it’s the only way I can go on! YES! Oooohhh YES (Miss C. Plenty again)!

Evacuate the whole building except the 15th floor; have my XXXL satin bed sheet ready and my grand night nightgown fixed and perfumed, bring in my masseuse and her aids for a full body work (especially my breasts, hips, behind and belly; they must all stretch and fill up as much as they can in the process); Double the kitchen staff, and have the cook ready: I’m having the same thing this girl on the tape had… Oh, given my size, just to make sure, double, triple the portions by four! Being at it have an air compressor ready, just in case I need an extra push to make it happen; no turning back!

When I get to point where I… Well, do it all the way and well over, you’ll hear. Stuff cotton up your ears for safety, but you’ll hear… A loud, thundering, house levering climax meaning that my formidable bulk, appetite and lust cumulated and the only appropriate way for me to go just like that excessive beauty we just heard…

…with a terrible, magnificent KABOOM!”

(end of transcript)


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  1. Dr Bo said, on October 19, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    As a follow-up to this I did draw a pic of Miss Candy Plenty and her assistant, it’s availlable right here:

    Feel free to comment and have fun!

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