Prose That Blows

Vinylady vs. The Penetrator


Vinylady floated imposingly over the battered bad guy. “It should help you in court that the launch codes aren’t compromised,” she reassured him. Her pink and black day costume shone wetly in the noonday sun.

As federal agents dragged Captain Klepto off, however, he cackled, “No, but you will be!”

Vinylady’s sidekick, Rubber Boot Ricky, looked around warily, and said, “Something’s beeping…there! Cover!” He bounced high, using his natural resiliency to get himself between the voluptuous vigilante and the source of the noise–but it was just barely too late. A spray of flechettes burst through the air toward the heroes. Ricky deflected most, but a dozen or so got past him, puncturing Vinylady’s vulnerable skin right through her stretchy outfit.

“Ow! Da–doggone it!” she yelped, stopping herself from swearing. Even injury shouldn’t excuse bad language young ears might hear. Frankly, she got enough hot air from scandalized parents (mostly mothers). Unfortunately, discretion did nothing to remedy the stings or to stop her from loudly deflating. She had pumped herself up to considerable size, though, and the holes were small, so Ricky managed to catch her before she hit something else sharp, and more importantly, to get her out of sight. It was always risky using her inflata-powers, but it was a convenient way to travel above the city and stop trouble before it started. Still, as Ricky bore her discreetly to her Studio Apartment of Secrecy, she mused, “Okay, lesson 292: deflate before fighting.”

Ricky’s freckled face showed concern through his cowl. Now that he was 18, he would take the Department of Crimefighting test soon, and she secretly hoped he would return as her full partner.

“You are just as powerful in your solid plastic form, you know,” he said, as her hourglass shape continued to wilt, hissing softly now, in his strong arms. He bounced up through her window on the fifth floor and deposited her gingerly on the bed.

“Yeah,” she sighed, weakening, “but inflata-powers make such a great distraction. They grab…*yawn* headlines…and they’re soooo much funnnn…”

“Better patch you up,” Ricky said, not waiting for an answer. Strangely, he whipped off his jacket and tied the sleeves around his waist before peeling her tattered plastic outfit off. He slapped several patches on her bare alabaster skin, and began to blow her back up, watching her return to her “natural” height of 5’10”, and then to her “heroic” proportions, though not to full size. Vinylady didn’t face any real health threat from deflation-based unconsciousness, but she suffered a “hangover” that ruined her crimefighting skills for a couple of days and made her really tough to hang out with.

“Using your mouth to reinflate me, you naughty boy…” she murmured. She teased, but secretly hoped he would make a real move.

He blushed. “Well…with fresh patches…” He was sure his face was the color of his wavy, ginger hair, currently hidden by his black cowl.

She chuckled. “I know…tank or compressor…bad idea. Please continue,” she said, trying to make it a simple polite request and not a moan.

He mostly ignored the throatiness in her voice, expanding her entire gorgeous form with breath after lusty breath. He chastely tried to keep her gorgeous purple floral comforter over her inflating form, but it kept slipping down and exposing her expanding bustline as she grew, and she conspicuously failed to tell him when to stop. Finally, he couldn’t take any more, even though he knew that she easily could. He closed her nozzle, located discreetly behind her ear. There were others, but it seemed a little too intimate.

“Aww, done already?” she asked, trying to only pretend disappointment.

He turned away. “Um…we shouldn’t put too much stress on you.”

“POP-pycock,” she scolded. Then she got a look at him in the gentle light from the shaded windows. The jacket had fallen away, revealing why he tied it like that so often. “…Your body is solid rubber. How did that get so inflated?”

Ricky felt like if his face got any hotter, it would soften. “You’ve had that effect on me for years now, Vinylady…” he said.

“Wow,” she managed.

“That’s how I feel around you all the time,” he said.

Vinylady giggled, beaming through her mask, the only part of her costume still mostly intact. “I…have been feeling the same for awhile now…” and it had been so long since…well, just too darn long, is all, she thought.

He suddenly looked downcast. “But…I’m your sidekick. What would people say?” he asked.

She sat up on one curvaceous hip, her bounteous bosom bouncing, and her golden hair splaying out in ringlets over her broad, well-defined shoulders. “Well, first, cutie, they’re already saying it. Second, this is not the first time this has happened. Well, it’s the first time I’ve seriously considered…letting it happen.”

Ricky’s eyes lit up.

“And finally…if my sidekick is too virtuous to take unfair advantage of me…” at this point, Vinylady herself blushed…”check the secret compartment in my closet.”

Since Ricky had a similar compartment in his own closet at home, he found the hidden catch easily, and in short order withdrew an unfamiliar garment. He held the hanger, examining the outfit, and a grin crept across his face.

“I now have a master plan,” he said.

Moments later, after theatrically loud sounds of a struggle, a tall, dark, menacing figure emerged from Vinylady’s Privy of Privacy–but not the purple-clad sidekick. The man, wearing a shimmering, stretchy black bodysuit with a gold “P” starting at his right knee and continuing phallically up to his broad chest, smiled evilly at the buxom superheroine.

Taking her cue, Vinylady gasped and cried mock-innocently, “What have you done with my sweet-natured sidekick?”

He gave a magnificent laugh. “The Rubber Boot was no match for your new foe…The Penetrator!” Before she could react, Ri–err, The Penetrator had grabbed her with powerful hands, and bound her arms and legs spread-eagled to her stout four-poster bed with stout soft cotton ropes that had proven curiously easy to find.

“Golly!” Vinylady exclaimed. “I’m helpless before an arch-villain who is sure to want to be really evil with me…”

“Count on it,” The Penetrator whispered huskily in her delicate ear. He groped at one of her huge breasts. Then he moved down, and opened one of her nipple valves, quickly covering it with his mouth, and beginning to fill her up in earnest. She quickly grew all over, her hourglass figure more and more exaggerated until her cute little toes hung over the foot of the bed as she bounced and wriggled (and tried not to giggle) and whimpered. Soon, her plump, air-filled thighs were in the air, her knees gently forced to bend by the ropes restraining her. The polymer scents of their arousal filled the room.

“Before you vanquish me, I must know…why do they call you The Penetrator?”

He pulled aside a very convenient flap in his pants to reveal a rampant erection, even larger than Vinylady had thought. As he positioned the head at the heroine’s slickening nether lips, he growled, “I think you know,” and slid deep inside her.

“Mmmmmmm…I mean, no! I’ve been Penetrated, you naughty man, (don’t you dare stop),” she said, though they both knew only he could hear.

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