Prose That Blows

Prose that Blows 9 – Here I Come to Save the Day

The streets can be dangerous in the city, home to all kinds of ne’er-do-wells that would inflict violence just for sport.  In some of these places you wouldn’t want to find yourself alone at night.  But you’ve also got your fair share of white-collar criminals, wielding their own power and influence from the comfort of their high-rise boardroom or cushy office.  The police are tasked with keeping all of them in check, but do you think they could possibly do it alone?

Of course you don’t.  In fact, with the help of just a few superheroes they just might be able to get the job done.  But these aren’t your typical superheroes… some of them could be “specially equipped,” if you know what we’re saying.  They should be careful, though, because sometimes their foes have some superhuman tricks up their own sleeves as well.


  • Your story must include at least one superhero or supervillain.
  • At least one super-character in your story must inflate by any means you choose (it can be their superpower, or they are the victim, or anything else you can think up).
  • This is already covered in the general rules but it bears repeating: your superhero/supervillain must be original to this contest.  Characters reused from other stories or books/movies/TV shows will most certainly be disqualified.
  • Your story must not exceed 1250 words.

All other general rules apply.


The awards available for winning are:

  • Best Story – This story best satisfies the requirements of the contest, is the most technically sound (spelling, grammar, punctuation, overall structure), and is generally superior to the others.  The Best Story is considered the overall winner of the contest.
  • Most Original Story – This story is innovative in its style, content, or inflation method, and did not conform to widely-used conventions in inflation fiction.
  • Most Superest Superhero/Supervillain – This story’s main character, whether the protagonist or the antagonist, was the best combination of interesting/creative/cunning/evil/funny/sexy out of all the stories.
  • Most Action-Packed Story – This story turned the intensity up to 11.


E-mail your stories to doubleintegral ( or Pakona (  Please DO NOT post them publicly (e.g. on a forum,, your DeviantArt account) since that will no longer make your entry anonymous.


Submissions are due at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Happy writing!

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