Prose That Blows

The Frog Who Became Bigger than the Ox, by Dr. Bo


by Dr. Bo

She made it. Little Anna “The Frog” Salientia just won over the gigantic reigning world woman
bodybuilding champion Reina “The Ox” Angus.

“You look swollen like a balloon about to burst any minute! Please STOP! YOU’LL EXPLODE!”
complained Ranae, her worried sister, just before she entered the stage about two hour
ago. “I’m not about to… BURST, I’m about… to… WIN!” barely managed to say Anna, her face
all red, her balloon body at absolute breaking point. And indeed, she was now the best and the
biggest ever.

Alluring Anna just stand there, still breathless and sweaty in the center stage of the vacated
show hall where she had been crowned as “Miss Amazonia”, the world title for the best and
most muscular woman bodybuilder in the entire world.

Shamelessly naked except for a tiny, outrageously stretched green bikini barely covering
anything, she towers as high as monument and as wide as a massive truck. Every muscle on her
body look like a fully inflated balloon threatening to split open, her skin stretched drum tight
against her incredible mass pumped by years of rigorous training, an incredible diet, dangerous
last minute excess and a literally inflated ego. Of her grotesquely muscular form, the biggest
of all her over-pumped, vein-crossed bulge is her incredible biceps. Next stood her obscenely
bloated breasts, each as wide and tall as weather balloons and round and tight as gigantic beach
ball threatening to pop all over the place. They look nothing like a body builder muscular chest,
owning more to a raunchy stripper silicon-injected cleavage crossed with a parade float. Her
lovely yet strained feminine face crown that uncanny mountain of hypertrophied muscles. In all,
she’s HUGE.

A stunning former swimmer and athlete from Italy, Anna “The Frog” Salientia had entered the
bodybuilding world with passion and jealousy toward those large, muscle-ripped demigoddess
that inspired her respect, awe and wonder by their incredible size. Despite all her efforts,
Salientia was the loser in body building competition for years, always beaten by the Britain’s
massive, fearsome and terrifyingly beautiful Reina “The Ox” Angus.

A year ago now she decided she had lost for the last time, and put all her might, efforts and
pride into it. As she trained, pumped and huffed harder than she ever did, she started swelling
and swelling, trying to be as big as Reina “The Ox”.

Just before this night competition she caught a glimpse of her tremendous rival in the locker
room, seeing in dismay that she was still inferior despite all her hard work. Reina “The Ox”
remained unmatched in term of muscle definition, savage beauty and sheer size.

“Look at me now” Anna exclaimed as she pumped up her muscle in the gym using the heaviest
dumbbells she could find “Am I now as big as she is?” to which Ranae her coach responded ”Not
enough, my dear sister”

Jealous, Anna angrily drank gallons of potent, instable protein shake an hour before the show.
She kept on swelling, pumping iron and gaining, enlarging by the minute.

“And now, I am not as big as she is?” she asked, mere minutes before the show, only to be
answered “No” by her sister Ranae, who by this time become really worried. “Better stop now
sister, she’s way too big, it’s TOO dangerous!”

But Anna didn’t stop, and promptly injected herself with a powerful, nearly lethal dose of super-
charged steroids straight into each biceps. She kept pumping, pumping and pumping more,
growing, growing and growing more buff and monstrously muscular by the second. “And… Now,
is that it, I am not.. as big as The Ox?” barely articulated the green clothed bodybuilder as she
kept flexing and swelling harder and harder. “Please, STOP sister! It’s madness, she’s much,
much bigger than you; YOU’RE GONNA BURST!” cried her cute coach Ranae in despair.

“I’ll show YOU, I’LL SHOW HER!” thundered Anna “The Frog”, as she grabbed a high-powered
air compressor lying in a corner of the gym and stuck it in her mouth. “SEE! BIGGER! BIGGER!”
she painfully screamed, starting the compressor at full force while steadily flexing both arm
with barrel sized dumbbells weights, instantly inflating several time her size “NO ANNA! YOU’LL
POP!” shouted her sister in absolute panic at the size-crazed bodybuilder.

But Anna “The Frog” didn’t explode; she did became the world largest, the very biggest
bodybuilder ever and the champion of tonight competition.

As she caress her medal with her hand at the end of her elephant-sized arm, resting on top of
her hot-balloon sized boobs, her sister Ranae come and ask her to meet the press.

“Come honey, you did it! Sorry I doubted you! Journalists, photographs and interviewers from
all over the world are lining up in your locker, some already put your name on the year’s best
sportswoman! Even Reina “The Ox” Angus acknowledge your triumph in awe! That Japanese guy
want to make action figure of you and that Hollywood mogul want the films rights to your story!
Quick, all the reporters are getting restless!”

“Just a few more moment more sis’… I’ll never be this big again… For now on I can only grow
smaller; I really put all I could into this mountainously developed body. Or else, I’m really, really
gonna burst open like an overblown balloon” whispers Anna as she proudly flex her big muscles
and puff up her big bosom for the last time up to her maximum size, at the absolute brink
of exploding. Her mountainous biceps, colossal back muscles, bulky legs, rock-hard bottoms
and stupendous breasts jut forward in all directions in a grotesque and fascinating bouquet of
excessive curves, power and outlandish female form, threatening to snap her tiny green bikini to
pieces as much as her very skin.

“NO ONE WILL EVER BE EVER BE THIS BIG AGAIN! No one…” she breathes out aloud, deflating
visibly, after holding her biggest pose ever for one last time with all her might, outlandish look
and disproportionate pride.

Trembling and glistering with sweat, “The Frog” smiles with relentless pride irradiating from her
incredible muscle bound body as she marks a pause next to her fascinated sister.

“The Princess built a greater Castle than the Empress… The Frog really became bigger than The
Ox!” she conclude, boastful.

Reina “The Ox” Angus now run a gym in her hometown and still compete at national level in
small bodybuilding event.

Ranae Salientia now coaches weightlifter and live on the residuals of a popular brand of protein
shake based on her sister training.

Anna “The Frog” Salientia left bodybuilding competition after her record-breaking title win.
She had a short career as a pro wrestler and starred in a dozen of B-movie action films. Despite
being still very muscular and sporting outsized breast implants, she never reached back her
former Miss Amazonia bulk. She’s apparently suffering from Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD),
steroids addiction and alcoholism. After hitting rock-bottom and starring in the porno film
called “The Frog who Came Bigger than the Ox”, Salientia expressed her wish to start back active
bodybuilding competition. Despite strong medical warnings and health concerns, she promised
fans to “pump herself twice as big she ever was, even if she have to end up bursting”…

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