Prose That Blows

Tethered, by yrralldlok2


by yrralldlok2

This was impossible. For brunette average punk rock girl Lily today was impossible… or rather what had happened to her was impossible. She’d been out most of the day and then come home to a not entirely unusual sight on its own. An uninflated balloon sitting on her table top in her bedroom by her laptop. What was unusual was the presence of a small note beside it on pink card… Do not pop.

Of course she had been too curious about the item and when ready decided to blow it up. The balloon swelled surprisingly easily and the shade of the balloon was a fluorescent green which when held near her bedroom light cast the room in the same lovely shade. It was a delight she allowed herself to experience as she was normally too uptight and thought maybe this would be a fun way to relax.

Then she’d caught it awkwardly while batting it around. It had burst. This being a natural end to the balloon she had merely shrugged though noticed a strange scent in the air. Somewhat metallic.

She’d gotten on with her evening relaxing, watching television. It was after her first show though that she began feeling strange, like she needed to breathe but was doing so perfectly fine. The feeling faded only to be replaced by another. A sensitive prickling yet pleasurable itch.

The itch was all over her breasts, looking down she saw that they were getting bigger right before her eyes… now being a b-cup they were modest but perky in the first place not unattractive. Lily could hear a hissing and a squeaking in her bra.

She had freaked out at that point, her breasts filling up rapidly in front of her eyes. Her bra burst. Her shirt was stretched tight across her burgeoning bust and tore between her breasts revealing shiny inflated cleavage in reflective surfaces. She removed her bra as she watched them blowing up and blowing up and blowing up.

After several minutes she had stopped inflating and merely stood there gawking… she now had extremely large squeaky, rubbery and taut balloon boobs stuffed under her top. Boobs the size of balloons, big balloon breasts, balloons bursting to get out of her shirt, tight titanic tits…

It was just going running through her mind; she was frozen in that state… she was confused.


For two whole days she went nowhere, saw no-one. She called in sick at work and spent a lot of time panicking about her situation. Should she call an ambulance? She supposed she could under some other pretence but what would happen.

Over those two days she ducked and avoided people calling and messaging and focused on one… well two things. They really were like balloons in every way save they were also her breasts. She held them, squeezed them till it started to hurt and she feared they would pop. She tried on her clothing and found a couple of shirts that could stretch enough to accommodate her.

What was going to happen to her… could they start again? Would they start again? Might she float away attached to these mini blimps? She also knew she couldn’t hide away forever; someone would eventually come and suss her out.

Lily tried to relax herself and make light of her situation thinking of that maybe she could get a few guys to look her way, that she wouldn’t have back ache from lugging them around. She tried having a shower but seconds after hearing the impact of water on her breasts and feeling the force of the impact again she stopped in fear of popping. She settled for a hot bath instead and found that after a few minutes her ‘balloons’ were getting tighter and swelling a little more from the heat making her get out.

It was only after these last frightening days of having an inflated pair of breasts that she realised she needed to go and pick up supplies. She just the essentials: milk for tea, sugar in general, a couple of instant meals and then bread.

She squeezed herself into a green shirt and felt her breasts getting squished tighter but not enough to be having difficulty in her breathing. Looking in the mirror she felt that if she weren’t so scared she could be hot like this and most people digged big boobs after all.

Her shirt tight as it was seemed to make her seem half the size she was for which she was thankful, she could almost seem to be normal while out and about.

She adjusting her walk after feeling her arms colliding with the sides of her sensitive chest and tried slouching slightly while hunched up inside a big coat. She wasn’t ready for people to draw attention to her new additions. Whenever she walked past someone she hurried her walk hoping they wouldn’t notice anything.

Lily made it to the supermarket and took a trolley. Now she had to squash her breasts to push the trolley effectively and doing so meant she couldn’t slouch… turning bright red she walked through the aisles hearing her breasts squeak with every step.

She received funny looks from the people around her as they picked up on the sounds and her size. Most just shrugged it off but some found their gazes lingering longer than she was comfortable with.

She found it hard, looking around her chest for items she wanted in the horizontal freezers and on lower shelves. She had to open the freezers from afar so as to not collide with her inflated chest and to get things from the shelves she had to turn side-ways and twist her neck to find things she was looking for.

Her face got redder and redder as she went through, she thought more and more about how she shouldn’t have come out of her home and how people were seeing her. They were in the way with their volume and attracting more and more attention. Not to mention the in store cameras were capturing her every move like a dance.

Making it to the checkout, the cashier scanned her items through. It was a woman who from the look on her face wished she had Lily’s proportions. When it came time to pay Lily stood up straight and tall lifting her purse to her eye level… that was when she heard the three rips. Her breasts were exposed somewhat in the centre of her top and the areas under her armpits had split wide open.

She paid as quickly as she could and covered her chest with the coat, only barely concealing her issues. When she got home she was thankful that the damage wasn’t worse. She was embarrassed but she had managed the feat of going out and revealing to the public her pneumatic figure.

Looking over the damage she frowned. If she was going to adapt well to this she was going to need bigger shirts so long as she didn’t get any bigger. Then it dawned on her. She checked her wardrobe’s remains that fit her… there was just the one item left.

Poking and prodding her inflated chest before changing into her last shirt she sighed and jumped a little psyching herself up as much as she could. She wasn’t looking forward to this but it needed to be done and today.

Lily had one more trip to make that day.

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