Prose That Blows

Queen Sena’s Curse, by Dr. Bo

Queen Sena’s Curse

by Dr. Bo

Runner-up: Most Original Story

“By the love of Angita, may my power put an end to your curse!” proclaimed the wonderful Amazon warrior Matéa. As bulky as three grown men, the outrageously muscular female stood proud and massive. She had lifted Bellone brass weights, donned Minerve enchanted girdle and drank Quirinus semen to achieve this superhuman size and might in order to accomplish her fateful quest thought the Uliaron forest and the Pyranegus hills. Hard as a great ship mast, oily and proud, her prominent musculature looked like a chain of liquid iron tightly swelling a series of leather pouch knitted into the shape of an outrageous Herculean Caryatid.

“By Salus, may the gods help you! Noble Amazon, may you save me from my fate!” gravely answered the massively towering Sena. So towering, she dwarfed the humongous female warrior by the vast size of her gargantuan body, reining over her mountain. Bellow her beautiful chubby face ballooned two gigantic breasts that rested on an unbelievably large belly. Fat as a white leviathan, her overfed body looked like a frame of massively inflated flesh curves that mirrored a ridiculous yet ravishing parody of womanhood.

Boastful and ready, Matéa jumped over Sena mountainous body and started hammering her with her sizable fists. She struck so hard her tree-sized arms pumped and swelled even more.

Queen Sena just cried “Each time you hit me” she moaned “I grew two time bigger!” and as she said it, her massive midriff, her naked bosoms and broad buttocks ballooned up and indeed grew numerous time as big as they were.

“Cérès grew jealous of my slender waist when her lover preferred me to her over a summer night… So the goddess cursed me to become this round, mountainous balloon. Of course I fancied myself, but I didn’t deserve to become such a terrible, bloated monster! Each hero who tried to help only left me to grow, grow and grow more! If only I could just burst, but Cérès made sure nothing could pierce my expanding outer skin when she cursed me!” sobbed the behemoth that was once a slender, statuesque queen.

Brave but saddened, the sublime Matéa paused for a second and steadily drew her mighty sword from her enchanted girdle. “If one weapon can stab you me queen, it will be this magic sword!” claimed the Amazon warrior as she struck it with all the trust of her titanic arm.

“Still two… time… BIGGER!” was Sena only answer, as Matéa legendary sword bounced off over the elephantine stomach without a scratch, only to have the mammoth body blew up twice is size once more due to her malevolent growing curse.

Paralysed for a second with the sight of the formidable expansion of her overblown queen, the Amazon warrior took her courage and stuck her mighty arms under her queen moon sized belly and massive thighs.

With a formidable act of sheer titanic force, Matéa tremendously strained, strained and strained some more to lift her majestic monarch. As all her might pumped to achieve this impossible feat of strength, her godly outgrown muscles ballooned three times their already superhuman size, bulging hard and big enough to burst open.

Then with a mighty trust of all her muscles the Amazon staggeringly lifted the colossal Queen from the ground and held it at the length of her two gigantic arms. Under the stupendous weight, the warrior bulging legs swelled furiously and her feet cracked the ground.

Sweaty and short-breathed, Matéa pushed her incredible body even more and managed to hold Sena weight on the length of a single powerful arm, her straining muscles swelling even more up to the very brink of explosion.

“Can’t strike you… can’t pierce… your… outer skin, then by the love of Tellus…” panted Matéa as she produced a silver dagger from the side of her girdle with her free hand and thunderously stabbed with all her remaining force right between the thighs and buttocks of her beautiful gargantuan Queen, trusting her ox-sized arm deep into her pinkish womanhood.

“Ooohhh, by the love of Terra!” screamed the gigantic Sena, held at arm length by the muscle-bound Amazon, a cyclopean arm holding a dagger deeply stuck into her.

“Matéa, Matéa! I’m, I’M…”

As a thick white smoke cleared, Sena, now back to human proportion albeit swollen by a still outgrown girth and a bodacious bosom, crawled over Matéa’s incredibly muscular, half-naked body.

Breathless, the former accursed behemoth whispered “Kiss me, my mighty saviour…”


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