Prose That Blows

Mythical Mischief, by Pakona

Mythical Mischief

by Pakona

“It’s been so long since we visited the human realm”, Fey spoke, fluttering over the countryside. “I’m glad we came.”

“Indeed. I find the fairy realm too boring”, Fable agreed as she followed her companion through the air. “Mortals are more entertaining than those dullards back home.”

“What kind of mischief shall we cause for the humans?” Fey asked to her partner. “Shall we unleash a swarm of hair-eating locusts, conjure a sudden blizzard in summer or perhaps we can stick another enchanted sword into a rock and let them quarrel over it again.”

“No”, Fable replied. “I’m tired of those tricks. I want to do something new, something that’ll completely baffle the humans.”

“Oh, like what?”, Fey inquired.

“I noticed a celebration being held at a nearby kingdom and it’s being hosted by a princess. I was thinking we could make her the ball of the ball if you understand.”

“I do understand and I think it’s absolutely devious”, Fey giggled, “Let’s go and liven up their party.”

The two arrived right as Princess Claire entered the festival square, gracing everyone with her presence with her white dress and tiara.

“There she is”, Fey exclaimed. “Let do it!”

The two fairies hovered over the unsuspecting princess and conjured a flurry of magical sparkles to shower over her. Mortals couldn’t see fairies so they could act without revealing themselves.

The magic soon took effect. Princess Claire’s smile of sincerity faded as her entire body began rumbling, a strange force having overtaken her and concerning both her and those who took notice. The situation got even stranger as the Princess suddenly began to swell up, her body expanding outward and rapidly rounding out.

“What’s going on?”, The Princess cried, “I’m growing.”

The locals were just as shocked, backing away as their beloved monarch swiftly grew bigger, turning into a sphere that steadily engulfed her limbs and diminished her lithe form. Having become a rounded orb, Claire proceeded to grow larger and larger much to her dismay. Her expanding was slowing to a halt but the sensation of bloating continued, making her fuller and tighter with every passing moment. She was certain she would pop at this rate; her eyes closed as she braced herself for an explosive end.

Sure enough, a thunderous boom echoed through the festival grounds and the poor massively overblown princess vanished into a plume of white clouds. When the clouds cleared and all had settled, the locals saw their princess collapsed onto the ground but surprisingly unharmed from the explosion, wearing her stretched out garment and back to her slender self.

“Wow!”, Fable said. “I didn’t know humans could get that big before popping.”

“She’s going to be ok, right?”, Fey replied with concern, looking over the unconscious princess.

“Don’t worry. She’s fine”, Fable reassured her. “I’ve done this plenty of times. I even pulled this trick on the fairy queen once. Boy, you should’ve seen how big she had gotten before she burst.”

“That was you?!”, a foreboding voice spoke from behind them.

Fey and Fable’s mischievous smiles suddenly vanished upon turning around and seeing the Fairy Queen glaring at them.

“Y-Your majesty”, Fable whimpered, “what are you doing here?!”

“I ventured here myself to get you two back to the Fairy Realm and now here you are, messing with the humans again I see”, the queen spoke.

“Please, your Majesty, have mercy” Fey begged. “We’ll return to the Fairy Realm immediately.”

“No”, the Fairy Queen interrupted. “For your punishment, you two are going to spend the next 3 months in the human world.”

Fey and Fable’s eyes lit up, unbelieving of the supposedly horrific punishment the queen had handed them.

“Oh… darn”, Fable lied with a devilish grin. “I guess we’ll have to stay here and learn our lesson.”

“Not so fast!”, the Queen demanded. “To properly enforce this punishment, I think I’ll cast a spell of my own.”

The two fairy’s’ smiles vanished once more.

Eventually Princess Claire awoke finding half the locals crowded around her, happy to see her safe and in one piece just as she was. Glancing over, she discovered the others gawking at two gargantuan rounded creatures. There were hands, feet, heads and even wings jutting from the surface of the globular forms. They tried to waddle away but they were too large to move.

“Great, we’re enormous and the humans can see us”, Fable complained.

“I hate it here”, Fey whined. “I want to go home.”


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