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It Was Only Candy, by TheStoryWriter


by TheStoryWriter

Cindy was college senior girl, whose despite her age acted just like a little kid on the inside. Her room was still decorated like a little girls room with stuffed animals and abundant proportions of pink. She was a very happy girl with an overly bubbly personality that people did not ever really dislike much at all. Although she was of average height, her dazzling light brown hair and piercing steel blue eyes; those simple traits alone could allure anyone towards her like a moth to a flame. Her one major flaw was something most would deem unexpected. She was a total candy addict.

If you wanted to get on her good side and fool around with her, bring a bag or three of candy and you’d have her hooked around your thumb. Fortunately for her, Halloween was just shy of three days off and she was ecstatic for all the treats she would be savoring. She walked into her dorm room she shared with her best friend Tifa, who still happened to be at a dance recital she was part off. Right near the door happened to be a candy bowl with what seemed like knock off M&M’s; but that did not matter to Cindy as her candy policy read “if its candy, it has to be delicious”. She grabbed the ball and walked over to the couch and started to watch television while dipping her hands several times into the small bowl.

As she kept eating the candy while watching her television show; she began to feel a bit uncomfortable but just thought it was from sitting in the same position to long. Over the next half hour the uncomforting feeling did not go away but instead increased to a point she felt oddly bloated and tight all over. No matter how many times she tried changing her pose, the feeling refused to alleviate but only intensify. Cindy grew tired of it and decided to rub her abdomen until she felt just how distended her stomach had grown. She didn’t have enough time to ponder it further though when a hiss emanating from her small belly startled her.

She stood erect and ceased breathing to stare at the rounded belly which showed through her tight tank top, which she promptly took off in disbelief of what had happened to her. The hissing grew louder until she heard a gurgle cut through the sound, her stomach bulging further from her rather lithe from. It grew further out in front of her until she looked like she had swallowed an over an inflated basketball. She rubbed it and tried to squeeze it back in only to yelp back in fear at the lack of give her skin now possessed. She prodded it with her index finger as it still grew, shuddering in odd delight at the feeling of her stretched skin.

For the moment the growth appeared to stop as the flow of air was discreetly moving to other unaffected areas. Just as she was going to sigh in relief, the hissing came back in full cycle and she started to balloon outwards quickly. Her perky breasts squeaked like balloons and grew outwards, bigger than she could imagine. Her ass cheeks competed against each other for growth in her tight jeans that were torn apart quickly. Even her thighs and hips bloated outwards in the race to fill any available space. Before she knew it, she was floating upwards and bouncing against the ceiling, her face looking the couch with the candy bowl that had caused her to swell. Still, she grew until she heard grown coming from either her clothes or her body. Closing her eyes; Cindy could only whimper pathetically as she felt the end was coming, eve despite the pleasurable tingles she felt from her overstretched and sensitive skin. With a loud pop her underwear which had miraculously survived the from the beginning burst off her balloon-like body and fell to the ground.

Cindy sighed in relief that she didn’t pop, since the hissing had disappeared. In reality though the air that was stacking up inside her was running out of places to fill and although she wasn’t growing larger anymore, her body was still being pressured by the air. Pretty soon loud groans and creaks that sounded like overtaxed rubber filled the air. This time she had met her big end.

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