Prose That Blows

Bobbing with Apples, by Bahamad


by Bahamad

Amelia walked through the rapidly looming autumn twilight towards the annual bonfire held by the Cray’s. A warm autumn breeze blew between the legs of her leotard, the catsuit matching the painted whiskers and eared headband of her costume.

This was so stupid. She never took Halloween seriously before, and the only reason she’d come was because Emily had told her “it’ll be a total blast, Troy’s got something special planned for tonight I know you’ll love!”

As Amelia approached the glow of the blaze, she stopped short, caught by the majesty of the gnarled oak looming behind the fire. The curved branches of the tree hung down, great fingers curled over the revelers below. Hanging from the ends and swaying softly in the wind were bundles of some sort.

“Amelia! Come on, you’re just in time to start the contest!” Emily rushed from the light of the fire, grabbing Amelia by the arm and dragging her into the light. A crown perched on Emily’s head complimented the regal gown covering her body, perfecting the “evil queen” look she’d been going on about all week.

Troy stood beneath the tree, his voice cutting through the party’s chatter. “Okay everyone, as promised it’s time to start the contest. Now you’ve all heard about bobbing for apples. Well, tonight the apples bob for you.” Gesturing upwards, everyone’s eyes focused on the flickering spots reflected on the surface of the tempting fruit.

“Now everyone, the rules are simple. First person to actually take a bite is considered the winner. However,” Troy said with a flash of his wicked grin, “be careful. My grandparents used to talk about this tree, how the wind seemed to be strongest this time of the year.” Ominously, a gust of wind whipped through the crowd, the hanging fruit swaying wildly. “So be careful, the apples sure aren’t going to be easy to catch tonight!”

Amelia stood below the prize, understanding why Emily had wanted her to come. She loved apples, the sweet taste and delicious crunch always made her shiver in excitement.

Other members of the party were laughing, already trying to catch the slick fruits in their mouth and failing. Amelia stood on tiptoes until the fruit rested in her mouth. Baring her teeth, she felt the firm skin catch between her teeth. Biting into the firm flesh, she was rewarded with the cool taste of its juices running into her mouth and over her face. The sweet liquid slipped down her neck, tingling as it went.

The tingling progressed further down her body, the blowing air passing through the thin material of her costume and into her. The tightness of the material grew around her slim waist. Amelia felt strangely light headed as the wind lovingly curved around her body, caressing her skin, holding her expanding waistline as it seemed to lift her from the ground.

Amelia could see another apple approaching. Thoughts of any oddness to the situation were squeezed back into the recesses of her mind as her taut skin rubbed against the stretched walls of her costume.

Amelia bit into the fruit, her body quivering as her cheeks bulged outward. Below, the cries of the other party-goers were only dim murmurs to her ears as she saw another of the wicked fruits draw near.

Surely just ONE more bite couldn’t hurt.

Her teeth bit sharply in the fruit, the wind holding it into her mouth. As Amelia gulped down the tangy pulp, her chest swelled, the wind now madly swirling around her, turning her end over end, thousands of feathers caressing her inside and out.

Thirty feet below the guests pointed, their mouths open in shouts which could not be heard over the howling of the wind. Amelia’s voice joined the invisible gale in ecstasy, the rubbery skin groaning as her hands roamed ever-expanding curves.

The force encircling the tree reached a crescendo, Amelia’s rounded body rapidly circling the treetop. As her invisible lover pushed her over the edge into orgasm, Amelia flew into the darkness of the night sky.

With the departure of Amelia, the violent windstorm suddenly died. Calls for Amelia went out, but no answers returned. Local authorities searched, but no sign of the young girl lost in the unexpected cyclone was ever found.

Some say on cool nights when the wind blows fierce the bobbing shape of Amelia can still be seen over apple trees, reaching for Just. One. More. Bite.

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