Prose That Blows

A Boy’s Trick, by ChazuSquishy


by ChazuSquishy

“Mickey, you can’t be serious.” The boy in the welding mask and bloody apron commented to his friend, who was standing in front of him in a full maid costume, with a miniature vacuum cleaner worn on his arm like a purse.

“Hey, a maid can be scary, Jason. She can get into your room without your consent, pushes a cart around that has all sorts of hidden compartments, at least I’m not a welder.”

“I’m not a welder.” Jason retorted.

“Let’s just get started, Jason. Who are we going to hit up first?”

Jason shrugged. “I’d vote that new teacher down the block. She’ll give us candy.”

Mickey shook his head. “I’d rather not. She moved into Mr. Jennings place. Before he disappeared…”

Jason sighed. “Well fine, Mickey, then we get no candy this year.” He grabbed Mickey by the shoulder. “Come on, don’t worry, no one figured out that we played that prank on him before he disappeared.”

“Right…” Mickey said softly as they approached the large spooky house. A pink car sat in the driveway, betraying the abandoned look, while a Jack-O-Lantern bulb shone light across the porch.

A ghostly moan came from the doorbell, scaring the boys. The door creaked open, and they saw the figure of a woman appear in the brightly lit hallway. “Trick or Treat!” They cried out to the tall woman dressed as Medusa. She held a bowl of candy in her hand. “Oh. It’s the Prankster Twins. I should have guessed.”

“Hey!” Jason said in protest. “Can’t we get some candy, Mrs. Landis?”

“Miss Landis” She replied quickly, and shook her head. “No, I don’t think you deserve any candy.” She huffed shutting the door, leaving the boys disheartened.

“Well, we did say TRICK or Treat? She didn’t give us a treat, so we have to trick her.” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I don’t think we should. That’s why we’re without candy now.” Mickey whined, dropping his hand, accidentally turning on the vacuum. Jason’s eyes lit up as he looked at the vacuum. “Oh no…” Jason grabbed Mickey and dragged him to back of the house.

Behind the house, Jason opened a coal chute that was hidden by a bush, and slipped inside. They were always sneaking into the Jennings place through the chute. Mickey slipped in behind Jason, holding his vacuum tight. The boys silently crept up to the first floor, and found Miss Landis watching the television. She appeared drowsy, which gave the boys just enough time to slip the vacuum hose into her yawning mouth. As Jason pushed the hose in, Mickey turned the switch to blow, and held the vacuum tight.

Miss Landis let out a soft yelp, her eyes opening in surprise; her scream went unheard over the roar of the vacuum cleaner. Her costume began to feel tight; her once flat stomach looked like a beach ball. Her chest was also expanding, going from a small B-cup to a high D-Cup in a matter of moments. Her hands were pinned down by her growing belly and chest, and her hips were beginning to fill the seat. Her costume ripped down the middle as her thighs began to press against each other.

“Stop!” Mickey cried out, yanking the hose from Miss Landis’s mouth. Jason glared at Mickey, before realizing that Miss Landis was still growing. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, and she was softly gurgling.

A ghostly wail rang through the house, causing the two boys to shiver. “You boys killed me and got away with it! Now I will make sure you get caught for murdering another!” The voice said, as the doors in the room slammed shut. Jason ran to one door and Mickey ran to the other, trying to yank the doors open.

Miss Landis continued to grow; her panties and bra were barely hanging on as she reached her limit. Stretch marks ran along her expanding body, causing her to let out a loud unearthly shriek before she exploded in a red sticky mess. Her explosion caused windows to shatter, giving Jason and Mickey a chance to escape into the night.

After the duo had left, Miss Landis climbed out of a trap door in the floor. An older man walked into the room from behind a curtain. “Thank you for helping me pass on.”

Miss Landis laughed. “I haven’t had that much fun in years, grandpa. Who would have thought cherry bubblegum would make such effective blood…”

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