Prose That Blows

Sweet Release, by Dragon6860


by Dragon6860

Co-Runner-Up: Best Story
Runner-Up: Sexiest Story

Naomi and Cassandra glanced around the lab, shutting the door behind them.

“I told you it’d be empty!”

Cassandra ran a hand through her long black hair and gave Naomi a grin. “Relax, we know what we’re doing. Besides, it’s a surprise.”

Naomi grinned, her short auburn hair framing her round face and sighed. “Touché. Let’s get to work then.”

A few hours later, the two of them powered down the machines. “Ahh, success…” Cassandra said, peering though the observation window.

Naomi nodded, grinning. “A whole bag of candy…Compressed, refined, and centralized into one piece.”

“They are gonna love this stuff at the Halloween party! You suck on it all night and a constant taste of candy, different flavors, Mmm…”

Cassandra smiled. “Ready for the big test?”

Naomi nodded and opened the machine’s hatch, pulling out two hard spheres. “Here ya go. Hope this is good.” Naomi took a deep breath, popping it into her mouth.

“I don’t…Oh my god!”

Naomi turned to Cassandra, already sucking on her candy like mad, smiling and nodding. “Amazing! The flavor’s changing…Wow! They’ll going to love us for this!”

“Mmmph, I know! It’s really flowing with flavor…”

Cassandra’s cheeks budged comically for a moment until she swallowed hard. She looked at Naomi with a horrified expression.

“What’s wrong?” Naomi’s own piece suddenly let out a burst of sweet liquid and she reflexively swallowed, looking back at Cassandra, eyes wide. “Cassie…I swallowed it.”

“Me too…just happened so fast.”

“Well…don’t worry, I’m sure nothing…Ohh…” Naomi put her hands on her waist, feeling her belly. She could feel it bubbling, pushing lightly against her hands. “I can feel it!”

“Me too! It’s so heavy…” Cassandra squished her formerly flat belly, now plumping against her pants, pushing apart the buttons of her shirt slightly. “Something’s wrong…Even if we ate all that candy ourselves, we wouldn’t be this big.”

“I know, I know! I don’t know what’s going on…I feel so full…” Naomi’s shirt was being pulled up by her stomach. Pushing her hands against herself, she could feel fizzing in her belly. Looking down, she got another shock. “Cassie! It’s spreading! My chest, it’s bigger!”

“But…that’s impossible! The candy’s in your stomach!”

“The impossible’s happened twice…Look at yourself…you shouldn’t have cleavage, but your top’s gonna burst!”

Cassandra looked down with a squeak. “Ngh…My pants feel tighter too!”

“Same here…It keeps fizzing…well, everywhere…” Naomi said, face flushed. Her embarrassment was cut short as a popping sound came from Cassandra, her buttons giving way. Her impressive cleavage broke free of her overstrained bra, her butt overwhelming her pants with a jiggle.

“Crap! What are we gonna do?”

“I…I don’t know Cassie…I just feel so strange…kinda…light…” With another tearing noise, Naomi’s clothes caught up with Cassandra’s. Her shirt split open and all but exploded off of her round, firm frame as another tear formed in her pants, her thighs bulging through the hole.

“We gotta get to a hospital or something before we…” Naomi quickly shut her mouth, but the scared look in Cassandra’s eyes meant she had the same thought.

Naomi began to waddle towards the door, her swelling legs and tight pants making it hard to move, but when she went to take another step, she couldn’t feel the ground beneath her foot. Looking down as best she could, she couldn’t see anything past the huge curve of her massive chest and belly. “Cassie, I think I’m caughhhaaAAA!” Naomi began to fall forward gently, her body rotating as she hovered, Cassandra looking on in shock.

“You…You’re floating!” Awkwardly trying to walk, she looked up at her close friend, Naomi’s pants tearing away, and her body swelling rounder as she hit the ceiling with a dull thud. “Cassie! Help me! I’m too big to move!”

“Just relax, I’ll get you out of here, I promise!” Cassandra sat back to think, but her new size was too much. Her seat quickly snapped, dropping her onto the ground with a thud. “Oh no…Too heavy…I can’t get up!” Cassandra tried to maneuver her feet to walk to the door, but she began to lose contact until she couldn’t reach anymore. “I can’t move Naomi!”

“I can see…your feet aren’t even touching the ground. You’re just a big ball with boobs!”

“So’re you!”

Naomi tried to smile, “At least I have a better view…You seem to be leaking. I think it stopped.”

“Oh thank goodness…Are we going to shrink again?”

“We should…But not for a while. You think they make costumes in our size?”

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