Prose That Blows

Melinda’s Pumpkins, by Dr. Bo


by Dr. Bo

Melinda stands in front of the gigantic pumpkin resting on the Halloween dance stage. With a lustful smile, she pops her sizeable breast out of her Witch costume.

The blonde Witch remembers the answer she got when she suggested making a big pumpkin pie party after the dance “Oh no ma’am, this prize-sized pumpkin would be poison! In order to be able to grow it to such a whooping size I stuffed it with potent chemicals! It did grow to be 3438 pounds, the largest ever, but it was kick out of a competition for say… substance abuse. No ma’am, she’s so bloated with grow-inducing fluids eating a pie from it would turn you into something the size of Godzilla!”

Closing her eye, Melinda feel the thick orange pumpkin skin while cupping one of her enormous boob with the other hand.

Melinda “Melons” Melitopolski used to be the girl with the largest augmented breast in the world, a record holder, an outrageous blonde pornstar sporting the biggest boobs ever. She still have these ridiculously inflated silicon tits, but now new starlets with even bigger bosom have appeared, having her step out as the big tit queen to a mere freak show, a has-been.

“I want to be the biggest again…” she whispered, squeezing her tits till they hurt, feeling the silicon bags that give her an outrageous figure and a tarnished pride. Vigorously, she unsheathes a carving knife and start stabbing the humongous pumpkins wildly.

Breathless, as soon as a hole is large enough, she throws her fist thought the thick pumpkins crust. She swiftly brings a fistful of fleshy orange pulp and rub it with feverish lust on her exposed, heaving chest with both hand.

“Come on; make me BIG, real BIG! Work your magic; be kind to your friend the witch! Make me the BIGGEST IN THE WORLD as I used to be! Grow my MELONS as BIG as prize-winning PUMPKINS! BIG enough to EXPLODE!” she moans eyes closed, excited and lustful as she massages her outrageous curves.

Belinda stares at her chest dripping with pumpkins juice for a while but nothing happens. “I’m so pathetic, of course that didn’t work!” she thinks, grabbing a huge hunk of pumpkins flesh and eating it with sorrow.

Then, slowly, surely, Belinda feels the flesh of her breast swell up as she gulps more pumpkin flesh. Bathed for a few minutes in the potent grow fluids of the giant pumpkin, her boobs truly start to inflate!

“It works! Ooohhh, I’m now bigger than Josie Juggs!” she screams, ecstatic as her breasts inflate like big balloons!

“Ooohhh! MORE! MORE! Already Bigger than Ursula Udders!” she adds as she barely manage to cup her chest as it swell up faster, soon puffing up twice it’s already sizeable size and dripping with pumpkin juice.

“Two times bigger than Bianca Beachballs!” boast Melina with pride. So much pressure build in her swelling boobs that her silicone implants pops inside the ballooning orbs, squeezed by too much feminine flesh!

Soon, the pumpkins flesh she ate also start to swell her up from inside; steadily, without Belinda noticing as she’s so thrilled by her growing boobs, her flat belly turn round and her curvaceous butt widens obscenely!

“Bigger than Zoë Zeppelin, Amanda Airbags, Betsy Balloons and Monica Mountain altogether! Way BIGGER! BIGGER, BIGGER!” she shouts, transfixed, as she swings her gigantic boobs, crushing the gigantic pumpkin they’ve come to outgrow as they keep swelling up all over!

Smashing the unnaturally bloated pumpkin as they balloons all over the place, the colossal tits absorb even more of the wicked growth serum through their taunt, expanding skin, soon getting ten times their outrageous size! Melinda body soon become a grotesque caricature as her pumpkin filled belly grow bigger than any pregnant woman could ever get and her juice soaked ass bulk up as large as a sofa, ripping her witches costume to shred in the process!

“I’m getting SO BIG I’ll have to drop Melinda Melons as stage name, Pamela PUMPKINS sound more like it! Ooohhh, even my belly and ass have grown! I’M HUGE! Ooohhh, BIGGER, BIGGER!” she marvels as she still grow all over, ballooning faster and faster.

“BIGGER than all the silicon bimbos ALL AT ONCE! BIGGER, BIGGER, BIGGER!” scream Melinda on top of her lungs as her breast and naked body balloons uncontrollably as she joyfully boast “BIG ENOUGH TO…”


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