Prose That Blows

Blowing Up Space Girl, by tabackattack


by tabackattack

Winner: Sexiest Story

Stacey looked good in her skin-tight silver ‘Space Girl’ catsuit, though the toy laser gun holstered to her red plastic belt was really the only clue that she was dressed as ‘something’.

Super-hot Bentley Lawford, the host of the Halloween party, approached her wearing a fabulous Willy Wonka costume. “Are you from outer space?”

“Yeah. But I’ll keep my ray gun on ‘safety’.” Stacey smiled.

Bentley slid his arm around her shoulders. “So, Space Girl, would you like a tour of the ship?”

Stacey nodded emphatically. “I’d love it.”


Bentley guided her down a grand hallway. Soon they were alone.

“This place is amazing.”

“You’re amazing, Stacey. Wanna know what I like the most about your costume?”

“Tell me.”

“This.” He tugged the circular tab attached to the zipper that allowed access to her sex. “Cute idea to have a separate opening down there… Hey, would you like to see the most amazing thing? Next to your lovely self, of course.”

“Sure,” answered Stacey.

He produced a glowing one-inch long capsule from an interior pocket. “It’ll make you fly, Space Girl.”


“It’s highly compressed gas.” He whispered in her ear, “It’ll blow you up.”

Stacey didn’t get what he meant but she didn’t care. She opened her mouth.

“Not in your mouth.” He played with the circle.

“You want to put it in my…?”


“Do it.”

He kissed her while he unfastened her crotch and inserted the pellet deep inside. “The effects won’t kick in until the casing melts. So it’s going to take a little while.” He petted her mound and zipped her back up. “Let’s check out the party.”

“But I thought you…” She felt fizzing. The casing was dissolving.

“Don’t worry. We have a few minutes.”

As she followed him back to the other guests it became increasingly difficult to walk. A bubble was forming inside her, swelling rapidly beyond a tennis ball, stretching her wider.

Bass-heavy, thumping music filled the large space. Lights shot up to the forty-foot high ceiling and then zoomed down to illuminate dancing partiers. Stacey leaned against the wall. The gas expanding within her unleashed an overpowering tingling sensation. She looked down at her abdomen and watched it swell before her eyes. “Oh my god!” It was sticking out three inches and rising.

“You’re showing.” Bentley’s eyes twinkled. He took her hand and pressed it hard against the ripening bulge.

The increasing pressure made her cum. “Oooohhh… Bentley…” Her juices flowed into her panties.

“I want you to feel it filling you up.” Bentley used one hand to make her stroke her bloating belly up and down and made her fondle her swelling cunt with the other.

Her plumping labia spread her legs. She had the biggest wedgie of her life. The fizzing got louder. “How big am I going to get?” she asked, panting. Her growth was straining her tight little catsuit.

“Don’t know. Never done this before.” He reached for her elbow. “Come, while you can still move.” He led her to the middle of the room where a platform was rising from the floor.

Stacey waddled, widening with each step. The lights converged on the bed-sized platform as Bentley helped the inflating girl sit down on the padded surface. People stared bug-eyed at the spot-lit spectacle.

“She’s blowing up!” yelled a guy wearing a devil costume.

The ballooning bubble expanded into her chest cavity, stretching her red plastic belt so tight she couldn’t fit her fingers under the buckle to remove it. The toy gun popped off and skittered across the floor. “Bentley! Help me!” she screamed.

The other guests gazed in awe. “She’s gonna pop!” screamed a girl with wings.

Space Girl’s billowing belly rippled. The pressure kept building. Her womb was throbbing, near bursting… Was she about to explode? “Help!” she cried. The red plastic belt snapped in pieces. She instantly puffed out another six inches.

“Lie down.” Bentley nudged her hugely distended middle while supporting her back. She looked like she was about to give birth to octuplets.

Stacey lay watching herself grow bigger and rounder. Her spacesuit ripped at the seams, flying off in all directions as the gas surged. It looked like someone was inflating a weather balloon inside her and wouldn’t stop pumping. She blew up more and more, widening beyond five feet in diameter. Suddenly Stacey felt her bodylifting off the platform. She rose towards the forty-foot tall ceiling. “Bentley! Don’t let me float away…”

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