Prose That Blows

Prose That Blows 3 – All Hallow’s Eve

It’s that time of the year, when children dress up and beg for candy while teens and adults should really consider acting their age.  And while dentists throughout the country lust for cavities in their patients’ teeth, we are introducing our next installment to the Prose That Blows contest.  It only seemed appropriate.


  • Your story must be based on a Halloween theme and/or tradition.
  • Halloween costume ideas relating to Violet Beauregarde are NOT allowed.  Sorry, but we saw that coming a mile away.  Try harder.
  • Your story must not exceed 750 words.

All other general rules apply.


The awards up for grabs for this contest are:

  • Best Story
  • Sexiest Story
  • Most Disturbing Story
  • Most Original Story


E-mail your stories to doubleintegral ( or Pakona (  Please DO NOT post them publicly (e.g. on a forum,, your DeviantArt account) since that will no longer make your entry anonymous.


All entries must be received by 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday, October 30, 2010.

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  1. InvizKing said, on November 2, 2010 at 6:24 am

    After reading through this selection of stories, I’m thinking a category ought to be put in place for “Most Humorous Story,” as there were quite a few going for that angle this time around.

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