Prose That Blows

Floatation, by T-Danger


by T-Danger

Co-Runner Up: Sexiest Story

“Honey.. are you absolutely sure about this?”
Standing in the surf with water splashing at her ankles, she stares directly at me, her eyes indicating that she’s deadly serious about this.
“Of course I’m sure. I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise.”
“It’s just… it sounds pretty dangerous. And a little dodgy.”
“It’s not. Loads of people on the internet swear by it.”
“On the internet?” I scoff. “Now I’m less convinced.”
She steps forward, hips swaying tantilisingly, and places a hand on my cheek. “Honey, please trust me. This won’t hurt a bit. And I promise… the result will be worth it.”
It’s either her reassuring voice, or the promise of her body changing in the incredible manner we had often fantasised about, but either way, I’m in. I have to see if it will actually work.
I pick up the bicycle pump and long hose we had purchased beforehand  and hand her the valve attrached to the end. Carefully, she pushes the valve into her belly button. With a slight wince of pain, she inserts it deep inside.
I hand her a towel, which she wraps around her stomach and the valve, tieing it as tightly as possible.
I hold the pump in my hands, ready to begin. “Ready?”
She winks at me. “Go for it.”
I begin to pump, slowly at first. My eyes never leave her, waiting for a sign of change.
At first nothing happens. Her look of dissappointment matches mine.
But then it starts.
Her breasts start to swell, inching out bigger and rounder. Her hips are also slightly wider.
“It’s working!” I yell, surprised.
“Keep going!” She urges me.
Now emboldened, I begin to pump faster. Franicaly at first, but then at a steady pace. She gives a long, intense moan of delight as the air enters her body, rushing to the places where it’s needed the most.
Her breasts rapidly expand, growing into basketball sized orbs which rapidly cover more of her torso. The fabric triangles and bindings of the string bikini she wears stretch to keep up with her chest, but already they’re fighting a losing battle.  Her buttocks and hips widen and plump up, exceeding the width of her shoulders and pulling her bikini bottoms into a thong. Her belly also swells slightly, but the towel around her waist prevents it from growing along with the rest of her.
She stands with a blissful smile on her face as I continue to blow her up, a contrast to the goofy, lustful look on my face as I watch her expand.
Sensing that we’ve reached her limit, she orders me to stop. Reluctantly, I stop pumping.
As I stare at her, I almost can’t believe that this is real. She now has an hourglass figure seen only in my wildest fantasies. Breasts the size of beachballs barely constrained by her now tiny bikini, and a set of hips, thighs and buttocks to match perfectly. She removes the towel and pulls out the valve, revealing that her stomach is puffed out slightly, but her waist is still wasp-like compared to the rest of her.
“So..” She raises her arms and poses. “Like what you see?”
“Yes. Oh definitely yes.”
“Then you’ll love this.”
She turns around and runs into the surf, breasts and butt bouncing all the way, before she leaps forward and splashes into the water.
I follow her is, the water reaching my waist as I approach her. I see her surface, and I assume she’s swimming…
I’m stunned once again. She lays face down on the water, her breasts and butt keeping her afloat like some insanely curvy liferaft. She grins at me as she bobs on the surface.
“Huh…” I speak. “So it does work after all.”
“I told you it would!” She laughs, clearly enjoying herself.
She rolls herself over onto her back, her boobs breaking the surface of the water like two rising submarines. She smiles coyly at me.
“Well, want to take a ride?”
She pushes herself upright as I approach her, her buoyant bottom sinking underwater for a short moment. Her arms wrap around me and hold me as close to her body as she can manage. Her breasts are firm, but yield slightly under my weight.
She falls backwards, dragging me with her, and before I know it I’m laying on top of her, my head resting in her cleavage. I’m certain we’re going to sink, but her chest and bottom support us both easily.
There’s silence between us as we adjust outselves, she wrapping her legs around mine as I shift myself carefully so I don’t send us both falling over. Then we are just floating, enjoying the sensation of the cool water under us and out warm bodies pressed together.
The waves rock us slightly as we slowly drift away from the shore, but I barely notice. Nestling my head against her inflated bosom, I have never felt more comfortable.
“So..” She asks, smiling. “Beats renting a boat, eh?”
“Oh, definitely.” I stroke the skin of her breasts with my hand, enjoying the feel of her body below me shivering from the touch.
“Think we could sail all the way across the Channel?”
“Why not?” She replies playfully. “Anything’s possible.”

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