Prose That Blows

Pufferballs, by Dragon-6860


by Dragon-6860

Winner: Best Story
Co-Runner Up: Most Original Story

“Two Puffers coming up!” Sofia smiled as she cooked. Get the dough, inject the filling, deep fry, listen to the ooohs as the filling puffed up, spray powered sugar and another heart attack ready to go. As the family walked off she leaned forward and sighed. The job wasn’t horrible, but working an amusement park food stand was not a career. She never got bored at any rate; people seemed to love those fried dough balls, although Sofia suspected they liked seeing them puff up more then the taste. She had tried them and blarg, probably gained weight just by being near the fryers. Not that she ever had to worry much about that, her figure was slender without having to try, while her Hispanic roots gave her some slight curves.

“Sofia!” Snapped out of her daze, she jumped back, hitting her butt on the counter’s edge. “Um, yes sir?” she quavered, trying to ignore the pain and her glaring boss.

“Don’t just sit there! Say the script, get people in line and buying!” Sofia’s shoulders slumped, a bit distracted by a worrying tingle from her hips.

“I feel so dumb when I do that, and besides, lots of people come here…”

“Doesn’t matter, if you’re not selling then you should be calling out!” his eyes moved up and down her body. “And you know we have limit on employees eating the merchandise!”

“But…I don’t eat any!” Sofia was worried now; she must have hit a nerve. It felt like her whole torso had fallen asleep.

“Remember, you only get one uniform for free, if you outgrow that, it’ll be coming out of your pay!” Her boss said as he walked away.

As soon as he was out of sight, Sofia twisted around to look at herself and let out a whimper as she saw the filling injector jammed into her hip, pumping away as her butt swelled, filling her pants. Looking down, her chest was definitely sticking out more, not to mention her belly, formerly flat was now sticking out with a small round dome. “Crap! What’s happening to me?” Yanking out the injector, Sofia tried to calm down. It could be worse, her butt looked good and a few extra cup sizes were always welcome…Sofia was shaken out of her worry by another group of customers arriving at the stand. Adjusting her tight clothing as best she could, she put on a smile.

Later, Sofia was dripping. It had to be 110 degrees in this booth and getting hotter. Leaning back to get another drink of water, she felt something press against her butt. Looking back, her butt was squishing against the counter, and her pants seemed tighter than before.  Sofia twisted back to the customer, glanced down at the register, and paused. Her cleavage was stretching forward, blocking off some the counter from view. “Oh no…”  She could see her cleavage slowly growing outwards, her buttons beginning to pull apart and strain. Glancing up at the customer, a guy staring at her growing cleavage as well, she quickly shouted out that the stand was closed, and shut the window, pulling down the blinds. Alone in the hot and cramped room Sofia tried to stay calm, which was proved to be difficult as a button from her shirt pinged off, and pain from her waist said that her pants were going to be next. She couldn’t just leave, she was ready to burst out of her clothes, but if she stayed, she’d keep getting bigger. A second ping made the decision for her as her pants button burst off, her huge body swelling and stretching the stitching of her clothes with a creaking noise. “Can’t leave now…have to wait till the park’s closed.” Her body kept swelling as she waited, buttons bursting off with regularity, her massive thighs tearing open her pants as she grew, until just her stretched bra and panties covering the mass of curves that she had become. It was hard to walk, but Sofia paced as best she could, wobbling back and forth, her body squishing against the counters, the filling inside of her wobbling softly. Glancing at a window, she let out a sob as she saw her reflection; her body was a massive cartoony image of a woman, round, huge breasts, a massive jiggling butt and fat, wiggling arms and legs. Looking at the clock, it was only 20 minutes till the park closed for the night, figure another hour for the rest of the employees to go home, then a waddle back to her car…Thank god she had a roomy one. If she had a compact, she didn’t know what she would’ve done.

A hour later, Sofia couldn’t wait any longer. It was getting harder and harder to move, sometimes she could swear she felt her body touch the ground when she took a waddling step, and if she outgrew her feet…that was just unthinkable. Opening the double doors in the back and squeezing through, she waddled away, her body wiggling softly with every step.

“At least it’s cooler now. I’m not swelling anymore, just have to get to my car, get home and hope that this will…go away somehow.” Her murmuring turned to a cry as she stepped on something, her foot slipping from under her and her new body tilted backwards, hitting the ground with a thud. Her round body lay in the moonlight, wiggling from side to side as she desperately tried to upright herself. Groaning in defeat, Sofia stopped struggling and tried to calm down. Someone would be here in the morning, then…She’d get taken somewhere and this would get worked out. “At least I stopped…” Sofia’s one bright side came crashing down as she felt the hot asphalt beneath her warming her round body, the filling inside of her beginning to swell again. “I hate this job…I wonder if I can get workers comp for turning into a puffball…”

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