Prose That Blows

Dollfun with Dolphins, by Servomoore


by Servomoore

They arrived and began unloading their blankets, umbrellas, and surfboards. They were making their way to the beach when they heard a lot of frantic whistle blowing and people rushing out of the water. Such was the panic that even people who were on the beach when the whistles blew ran past Gloria and Roger, racing towards their cars. There was one fat guy who stopped next to them, doubling over to catch his breath.

“Sharks?” Gloria asked.

“WORSE! DOLPHINS!” A lifeguard began walking around with a megaphone, explaining that the beach would be closed indefinitely, that the dolphins were actually known to be much more violent than they looked, etc.

“That bites.” Roger said, turning to go back to the car, but stopping when he saw Gloria staring out into the bay. Gloria had never seen dolphins in the wild before, and on such a beautiful day, their play was almost mystifying. They were flipping, jumping, squeaking, and didn’t look rapey at all, despite what she’d heard about them.

“Honey,” She said, hypnotized by the image ahead, “I want to play with the dolphins.” She was not so transfixed that she forgot to press her boobs against him, which of course persuaded Roger to obey his master. They stood practically alone as Roger tried to think of a way to appease his fiance’s crazy demand.

It was looking out amongst the dolphins that gave Roger the inspiration he needed. He saw a couple dolphins playing with a big red ball that had been abandoned.

* * *

An hour later, Gloria and Roger were riding in an illegally chartered motorboat into the bay, surrounded by a huge school of dolphins, who squeaked at them jumped about as the boat came to a stop. Now that she was in the midst of them instead of looking at them from the safety of a beach, the dolphins looked intimidating. She still had a very powerful desire to play with them, but she couldn’t help but be apprehensive.

“I hate to admit this, but the fact I’m about to put myself in extreme danger is making me REALLY horny.” Roger understood, already being extremely horny. Gloria was wearing a tight, very shiny red diving suit. It clung to her plump ass and tits, accentuating the hour glass shape perfectly.

“In case you don’t come back….” He then put his arms around her shoulders and put his tongue down her throat. Gloria’s back and legs melted at first, but then she jumped up and threw her legs around him. It wasn’t bare skin, but the spandex of Gloria’s suit felt very erotic against their abdomens and chests.

They might have had sex right there were it not for the fact the dolphins started squeaking louder and more insistently. Roger got out the air tank.

“Now, remember, be like a ball.” The end of the hose went in her mouth. The air started to flow, and Gloria, from experience, flexed parts of her body to make sure the air stayed in her torso. Because they were paying by the hour for the boat, Roger inflated her quickly. Soon Gloria was an enormous ball, her hands and feet just sticking out of herself. The light of late afternoon produced a beautiful sheen on her, but Roger greatly preferred slightly BE’d Gloria to this model. He rolled her out of the boat, and she landed in the water with a small splash, so buoyant she barely broke the surface.

Gloria the Ball drifted out amongst the dolphins, whom initially stared at her as mystified as she had been with them. Obviously they able to distinguish a human from a ball, but Gloria, big, round and shiny as she was, looked so fun to play with one just couldn’t resist. It swam under her, and with it’s beak knocked her a couple feet into the air.

“WOAH!” Yelled Gloria. By the time she had been knocked back in the air a third time, she was laughing. Soon all the dolphins in the bay it seemed, were knocking Gloria to and fro. A couple of the show offs would even jump in the air and spike Gloria with their tails while she was in midair. Quickly Gloria found herself dizzy with excitement. Roger was content to watch the spectacle from the boat, sure Stacky was safe for unclear reasons.

Eventually one especially strong dolphin sent Gloria flying forty feet into the air, and Gloria found the wind catching her. She was descending slowly. She had time to look down and see she was falling towards the edge of the school of dolphins, and that there was one positioned right below her to keep the volley going.

She had fallen halfway when she was able to really make out what she was falling towards.

Wait, that’s not a dolphin! That was all she had time to think as her inflated torso landed on the end of the swordfish’s spike.

Gloria’s suit and skin deeply indented against the tip of the spike.

Gloria and Roger both blinked.


* * *

Gloria was quite upset at the prospect of having to spend two weeks in the hospital. She should have been grateful that the dolphins, with their really quite surprising intelligence, had known exactly how to administer the life saving first aid, but mostly she felt bitter at the fact that she was going to miss most of her own vacation.

Roger tentatively took her right wrist, causing her to look away from the TV for the first time in an hour. He looked his usual modest, embarrassed self, despite this all only being 2/3 his fault at most.

“At least I’m going to spend the whole time by your side.”

Gloria half smiled.


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