Prose That Blows

Sea Spheres, by Pakona


by Pakona

White sands, sparkling ocean, a lovely, new, gray, one-piece swimsuit to show off.  It sounded like the ideal way for Sonya to spend her vacation away from home. All she needed now was a refreshing beverage to beat the blistering heat.

She left her beach spot consisting of her plush blanket and striped umbrella and made her way to the nearest vending machine. Upon approaching the machine, her curiosity was beckoned when two particular choices of cola among the list of selections caught her eye.

Beach Ball Cola and Diet Beach Ball Cola, neither of which she had ever heard of before.

“Must be the product of a smaller company around here“, she convinced herself. She could’ve gone with a brand of beverage she was familiar with but the Diet Beach Ball Cola was the only low fat choice of soda the machine offered and she didn’t want to ruin her figure and render her new swimwear useless anytime soon.

With a buzz and a metallic clank, the device responded to it’s customer’s choice and dispensed a frosty aluminum can, it’s contents slightly stirred by it’s movement from inside the machine. On the container was a label sporting the name of the drink and a picture of a pink and white beach ball. Taking the beverage and popping open it’s top, Sonya was greeted by a rather persistent hissing sound. She waited for the soda to fizzle out and the sound to subside before sampling a sip but the hole in the metallic container continued to whisper away. With the sun’s harsh heat reminding her why she got the soda in the first place, she finally urged herself to put the noisy can to her lips.

“Wow“, she thought as a fizzy, fruity taste sensation swirled through her mouth. This is pretty sweet for a diet soda. She contently tossed aside her suspicions and began to drink the rest of the beverage, tilting it higher to get to the last ounce.

“Ahhh“, she sighed with a hint of satisfaction as she pried herself away from the empty soda can and prepared to dispose of it. “Maybe I can enjoy some time at the beach now without any more problems.”
Walking back to her spot on the beach, her movement began to slow upon experiencing a strange rumbling in her stomach. The dynamic bubbling nature of the soda seemed to be as constant as ever and she felt the need to burp it off. Unfortunately, she couldn’t seem to conjure up one, almost as if the pressure within her refused to budge. Trying her best to ignore her sudden bloating, she pressed onward.

Unfortunately for Sonya, she couldn’t neglect her condition for long. She was forced to stop a few steps shy of her beach blanket and bend over as the pressure got intense and she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She attempted to give her abdomen a comforting stroke but something intercepted, namely her own stomach. Glancing down in sheer surprise, her shock instantly doubled when she found her own belly protruding outward, inflating like a balloon.

“What kind of crazy soda is this?”, She shrieked.

Her stomach continued to significantly swell but she soon realized it wasn’t the only part of her doing so. Her chest and bosom were bloating vigorously, her cup size climbing rapidly and testing the top of her bathing suit. Meanwhile, her backside and buttocks boasted forth to buff out her out from behind.

She became robustly rounder with every passing second as her body gave in to the carbonating cola, her midsection spreading to a larger degree and taking the rest of her with it. Her arms and legs were no longer hers to control, having transformed into severely puffy appendages that wouldn’t bend.

“Help!”, she tried to call out but with minimal success. Her cheeks were puffed and no amount of exhaling would deflate them and clarify her pleas.

As she grew, her view diminished, the distant ocean horizon merged with the skies now being replaced by the outline of her gray-clad ballooning bulk. Her limbs had diminished altogether, having been overtaken by her outrageous orb of a body, along with her rest of her petite physique. Thankfully her bathing suit held together but it had been stretched out immensely, leaving four large empty holes occupied only by her bare bloated flesh and a hand or a foot sticking out at it‘s center. All she could do was lay helplessly in the sand on her ballooned bottom, hoping someone would find her.

“My goodness, a voice came from nearby“, giving Sonia a glimmer of hope. “What a large woman you are.”
“Help me“, Sonia cried softly to the stranger. “So big.”

“I take it you had yourself a refreshing beverage recently, didn’t you?” The person spoke. “You needn’t worry. When you drink Beach Ball Cola, the unpleasant swelling is only temporary. You’ll deflate sooner or later.” The statement was music to Sonia’s ears who yearned for her former shape.

“But in the meantime, how would you like to help me make some big bucks for a little side business of mine?”

Before Sonya could even muster a reply, she felt two hands pressing into her side and soon discovered herself being rolled to another section of the beach.

Later that day, Sonya found herself in group of beach farers blown to the same hapless size as her, none of whom looked particularly pleased with their situation.

In front of her was a large sign sporting the same logo she saw on the can earlier reading “Mega Beach Balls, rent one today for only $10“. Looking at the blimpish beach occupants she was piled with and then taking a glance at herself, a single thought crossed her mind.

“I should’ve spent my vacation at the ski resort instead.”

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