Prose That Blows

More than Yesterday (PtB10 entry – Squeezy)

I jumped when Vivi tapped on the balcony door. I should have been looking forward to it, and I was, but then again I wasn’t. I wished I’d been honest yesterday. Now she’d want to do it again.

I checked the mirror. I’d abandoned trying to dress up for someone who’s always naked, and just wore comfortable jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It was too thin, my nipples poked through. I considered putting on a bra, but it had pinched yesterday. Vivi wouldn’t care anyway.

I opened the door, and Vivi practically exploded through it, swelling rapidly and sweeping me off my feet, and suddenly I was looking up at her huge grinning face, she was hugging me between enormous breasts, and everything else was a wall of flesh.

“Hey you!” she said.

“Miss me a little?”

“It’s the weekend! Our first together! I’ve been thinking about you all day. Good thing all this air makes it hard to tell I’m aroused, or work today would have been aaaawkward.”

“Well, try and let me know it.”

She took the hint and leaned down into the kiss. Everything around me was soft and warm. I wanted it to last forever, but suddenly Vivi was shrinking and I was flat on my back under… a very large but no longer room-filling girl.

“Hey, hey.” she said. “Look what I brought.” She waved a little black bottle like the one from yesterday, with the brand name “Big Night” and a silhouette of a woman blowing up a long pink balloon. Subtle.

“Great!” I said, with faked enthusiasm.

“Can we? You stopped small yesterday, I’ve been going nuts imagining you bigger.”

“Still clothed? Still by mouth?” I hoped she’d insist I strip and spread my legs, so I could refuse.

Vivi smiled. “Still want to go slow? That’s okay.”

No getting out of it. I took the bottle and tipped it back.

“It’s fine?” Vivi asked. She must have sensed my apprehension.

“Go ahead.”

She hesitated for a moment, but leaned down and blew.

I didn’t mind the first few moments. The way I felt her breath in my whole body. The warmth flowing through me, the spreading fullness, the tautness all over my skin.

But what came next was the problem. I tried to ignore it, but I could see my body shifting out of the corner of my eye, swelling all over. I closed my eyes and tried to put it out of my mind.

It was surprising how little I actually felt my body stretching after the first few seconds. I’d imagined pressure mounting everywhere. Mostly I felt my pants tightening on my waist, and with each breath that tightness spread down my legs.

Vivi broke off the kiss. “That’s where we got yesterday. A little more?”


“Say when.”

I felt tension against my crotch as my pants ran out of room. That came as a welcome surprise. I’d started to lose myself in it when a pop and sudden release of pressure made my eyes slam open. My fly had burst open, and in that instant I saw my body, grotesquely swollen and bulging bigger, and I panicked. I pushed Vivi away. “No, stop, that’s enough!” I yelled, louder than I meant to.

Vivi forced a smile to hide her disappointment. I felt awful.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

She sighed. “I understand. It’s not for everybody. I’ll get the neutralizer.”

That would have been a relief. But the whole reason I’d first noticed Vivi was her constant joy at being inflatable. She wanted to share that with me. I wanted to let her, yet I couldn’t deal with it.

“Wait,” I said as she stood up. “I know it’s important to you.”

“You shouldn’t do it just to please me.”

“But I like it! Some of it. It feels…” I struggled for words. “…really great.”


“But seeing things all… big and bloated freaks me out.”

Vivi cocked her head. “I thought you liked all this,” she said, squeezing the sides of her belly and swelling for emphasis. Seen from below, it was particularly impressive.

“I do! You look amazing. I’ve never even seen you without it! But I’m not ready to see myself like that.”

Vivi brightened. “Ohh. That’s easy to fix!” She darted off and came back with a scarf, which she tied around my head. “There! A blindfold! That fixes it, right?”

“Um…” I wasn’t sure it did, but I wasn’t sure why not.

I felt Vivi lean in close. “Wanna try a little more?” she asked.

I swallowed. “…okay.”

I tried my best to take in the entire experience, but it was hard to notice anything but my legs. They didn’t hurt, but they were tightening so much in the pant legs that I could barely move them.

Vivi broke off again. “How’s that?”

“I could handle a little more.”

“Yay! But your pants won’t survive.”

I shrugged. “They’re old.”

“If you’re sure…”

The first rip came from my right, but the left followed quickly, and the sound continued down both legs as they sought freedom. But it stopped at the cuffs, and my pants pinched me sharply around the calves and thighs. “Aagh, too tight!”

Vivi inhaled with a comically exaggerated sound, and blew with a sudden ferocity that made my arms and legs flap into the air. I heard a snap, and my pants were gone.

“Better?” asked Vivi.

“…yeah…” I said, stunned. Until then, my other clothes had offered so little resistance, I’d barely noticed them. Now my breasts were squashed with an even pressure, much more pleasant than my bra cutting into me yesterday. My panties had ridden straight up my butt, but I welcomed the return of the tightness between my legs.

“You’re looking cute!” said Vivi. “But much more and you’re naked.”

Wait, stop now? That shook me out of it. “I don’t care!”

“Didn’t you want to go slow?”

All I could think about was another taste of all that force, all that love, pouring into me… “Not any more!”

“Heehee, you’re the best! Let’s do it!”

Vivi took another huge breath, and I tensed in anticipation… then nothing. She stroked my cheek.

“You suuuure?” she asked, inches from my face, sounding strained but playful.

I grabbed her head and pulled her lips against mine.

Air escaped in hisses and squeaks, I hadn’t properly sealed our mouths together, but enough was getting into me. I could tell by my shirt turning into an elephant sitting on my chest, and my panties trying cut me in half.

And then, in a torrent of snaps and pops, I was free.

Eventually, I thought to let go of Vivi.

“…wow,” she said.

“H-how do I look?”

“Wanna see?”

I hesitated. “I like this a lot… but let’s not risk spoiling it.”

“Well, you’re so hot, I’m falling for you twice. Wanna let off the rest of that pressure?”

“Actually, without clothes I barely feel any pressuaaah!” It was the gentlest touch between my legs, but she might as well have shoved a firecracker into me for the effect it had.

“Oh, don’t you?”

It was going to be a great weekend.


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