Prose That Blows


“So, how do you like wearing a zentai suit?”
She’s giggling, and smirking. I love that smirk. And the glasses, and the brown hair. This is finally happening.
“It’s uh… yeah, it’s interesting. I like it.”
What? I mean ‘this is kinda hot.’ Me watching her wearing her suit, seeing how it hugs her… everywhere. Bust, thighs, back, belly… mmm, that belly. Just chubby enough, but fit too. God, she’s got a great body.
She’s looking at me. No, this is fucking hot. Watching her, watching me. My suit is tight. Like I’m under pressure at my arms, chest… even my crotch. That even feels kind of good.
“Yeah, interesting, huh? I think I like it on you. Do you like it on me?”
Say something… oh, God I think this is going to be the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had.
“Um… I really like it on you. You look really nice.”
Really nice!? What the fuck…
“Nice?” She’s laughing. Say something!
“Uhhh… OK, I think you look completely hot in that outfit. In fact, if you looked any hotter I… I think I might just explode.”
Where did that come from? Oh, she’s smiling. Whew.
“Explode? Be careful what you wish for.”
She’s standing up and… stretching. Oh, tits, oh. Thank you God for lycra, vinyl, and whatever-the-hell-else goes into these things.
“Well, it’s not really a wish. I just meant…”
And now, the bending over. So much bending over. Oh what a lovely ass… don’t touch myself. Not going to touch myself… OK, wait, isn’t this about the fucking time for some hedonism? Oh…yeah, stroking is good.
“Oh, I can see what you meant. No, don’t stop. I’m glad you’re into this.”
Oh fuck, this is amazing. She really is OK with this. Stroke… stroking… Oh, that feels good. She’s watching me. Yeah, I feel hot. Sexy. Mmmmmm.
“So, do you want me to get hotter for you? I kind of want to see what would happen. I like watching you get off on me. ”
What does that mean?
“Uh, what?”
What’s that noise? Like… air rushing. Why is she smiling like that? Oh fuck it, why doesn’t she smile like that all the time?
Is she getting bigger? No, no, no fucking way.
Way. She’s *inflating*. Oh, those are big hips. OK, I’ll stroke to that. Aaah. Head’s buzzing. I’m buzzing. Getting… carried away… kind of dizzy.
“You… how are you doing this? I mean, it’s really hot, but what the hell?”
And why am I feeling so warm?
“You like it though, right?”
Uh, yeah, I like it. Why do you think I’m pumping myself in front of you so hard I’m about to… explode.
“I’m blowing up, too. Uh… why are we both getting bigger?”
And why do I like it so much?
“It’s lust, baby. Haven’t you ever felt like it was filling you up? Making you just heat up and vibrate.. and expand? I love feeling in lust.”
This is getting strange. That is definitely weird talk.
But wait, she’s walking over here in those pumps and that look in her eyes is *amazing* and makes me want to… touch my… self… bigger. I want to be bigger… with her.
“You feel it too, now don’t you?”
“Yes, please… kiss me.”
Oh, she’s leaning over and those lips… those lips. Mmmmm, that lipstick smells like bubblegum, I think?
This feels electric…
Oh this is good. Don’t stop kissing me.
Mmmmmm…. So good. I still want to get bigger.
Even bigger. Ahh, I’m pumping up.
Wait… stop. Maybe I should be careful here. I feel so full…
“Uh… it sounds like you’ve done this before. Is this safe?”
I love it when she giggles, but…
“Safe, baby? I thought you said you wanted to start taking some risks and live for change.”
Well… I guess I did.
“Yeah, but…”
“Just get a little bit bigger for me, m’kay? It makes me so wet, baby.”
Damn. I really can’t turn this down. Not when her nipples look that hard and… she’s… rubbing on me like that.
About to let go… like a bomb. Lust bomb. But this is it. I’m a hedonist. A beautiful, live-for-the-moment kink freak and she’s really into me!
“Uh… aaah… Stroke my cock baby, and I’ll get bigger for you.”
She’s rubbing on me. Like the weirdest, freak lap dance ever… Sooo hot.
Oh God, I’m so big. We’re so big. Feel… like… gonna…
Yeah, I’m cumming. I’m letting go. Oh.. It’s like a million bees buzzing in my head.
I can’t take it… what a way to go out. OH… AAAAAH…


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