Prose That Blows


Katie had had a dull life. It all started (or ended) when she was given a puppy as a child. She laughed as it gambolled around her but suddenly heard a hissing noise she couldn’t place. She quickly located the sound as she felt herself swelling up like a balloon. Her parents quickly whisked the little dog away, naturally thinking she was allergic. But Katie knew different.

Growing up she kept to herself, no friends, and was very careful what situations she got into. In her last job she mistakenly let her birthday slip and walked into a surprise party (caught off guard, she made excuses and rushed to the bathroom till she deflated). She found herself working in a sleepy coffee shop soon after. And it was perfect. There was even a guy there that was kind of nice and she was pretty sure he liked her. If conversation ever went too far she’d just find some work to do so he wouldn’t notice her plumping up. It wasn’t much but it was enough.

After a few weeks though she found herself gazing at him and one of her many taboos jumped to the front of her mind: yearning. She felt herself ballooning rather quickly as he walked to the counter. She was trying to keep it under control when he started: “I was wondering if, maybe, I could call some time? You know, outside of the coffee sh-”

“Sorry I have to get something from the back.” She hustled away, her shirt buttons and skirt straining to hold her ballooning form. She managed to calm down but the thoughts just kept coming… and she realised she’d already made a decision: I want this, I need this. Back out front she smiled sweetly and wrote her number on a serviette.

“This Friday. Call me.” He looked very pleased with himself as he walked out, she thought, finally letting it sink in. She put on her favourite red lipstick and the lingerie she’d bought especially. Katie admired herself, beaming. A ringtone broke the silence and she smiled inwardly; her bum and bust swelling as she skipped to answer. She leapt onto the bed and laughed as she bounced on her ballooning behind.

“Hi John.” she said huskily. Putting her phone on speaker and resting it by her pillow.

“Hey Kat,” he replied. She felt warm and her bum and boobs inflated quicker. “So I was thinking, we’ve talked a lot and I’d really like to take you out sometime. Somewhere nice.”

“Do you like me John?” she said, feeling deliciously coy.

He played along replying: “Yes I like you Kat, I like you a lot.” She looked down gleefully as her breasts rose higher. She was inflating steadily now as she began to surrender herself. Years of repressed femininity dropped off her like chains. She could almost hear the thud as they fell to the carpet.

“More.” she said, closing her eyes, urging her expansion as well as his flattery. “Tell me what you like about me. In detail.” she said indulgently. She heard his smile as he continued.

“I like your voice, your laugh and the way you make the world stop when those big green eyes settle on mine.”

“Go on.” she said. Her belly was filling up now and she rested her hands on it, feeling her fingers spread as it bulged wider and wider.

“I like how kind you are and calm, like nothing could ever go wrong if I’m next to you.” She blew up faster in response and she could hardly hold onto her middle as her sides were billowing out too. Her bum was getting so big she was wobbling precariously on the bed. She was losing control now, barely keeping up with conversation.

“If you were here right now John would you hold me? Kiss me?”

“I’d caress you and kiss you all over till you begged me to stop.” A thrill passed through her entire body as she felt his lips on her and every imagined kiss made her grow more and more. She felt a pinch as her bra finally snapped and slid off her, her breasts now expanding in every direction.  Even her arms and legs began to swell up and she supressed a giggle.

“How would you romance me, surely you can’t expect to get into my knickers that easily?” she rushed, as her arms and legs were pushed further and further apart.

“I’d be the perfect gentleman. There’d be roses and candle lit dinners and lots of nice surprises.” She imagined them all in turn, surprised and excited how much faster her entire body surged bigger. She felt a stitch crack in her panties and was relieved as they tore and joined her bra on the duvet.

“Do you think… we’d move in together?” she stammered

“Maybe. Then I could have you all to myself.” Eyes wide, she heard and felt herself loudly whooshing bigger. She felt totally round now and could only just wiggle her fingers and toes. There was nothing she could do except stare in wonder as she filled up…and up.

“And maybe if everything worked out, you could make a Mrs out of me?” she struggled, breathlessly.

“Sure.” he said softly. Air rushed into Katie faster than ever, her stretched skin squeaking as weddings and children and family life flashed through her mind. Her belly quivered from the strain just inches from the ceiling. So tight, so full, she knew she was about to pop.

“Tell me you love me.” she said through puffed up lips, her body completely still for a moment.

“I love you Katie.” Her whole body creaked and reverberated deeply as she grew the tiniest bit bigger and heat rushed over every inch of her- with eyes firmly shut she managed:

“I love you too…”


Rubbery scraps of Katie showered the room as she finally burst.

“Katie? Katie? What was that bang? Are you ok? Katie!”


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