Prose That Blows

Hall of Inflated Egos

Here we honor the winners of past contests.

Contest #5 (Taboo)

Best Story(tie) “Neighbours” by heliumgirl77; “Rivals” by Rathani

Most Original Story – (tie) “Routine Physical” by doubleintegral; “Neighbours” by heliumgirl77
Funniest Story – “A Poor Choice of Words” by Luther Kane
Least Contrived Use of a Thesaurus – “Neighbours” by heliumgirl77

Contest #4 (Winter Wonderland)

Best Story – “Christmas Protocol” by Inflate123

Most Disturbing Story – “Red Christmas” by InvizKing
Sexiest Story – “Christmas Protocol” by Inflate123
Most Original Story – “Red Christmas” by InvizKing

Contest #3 (All Hallow’s Eve)

Best Story“The Snorkel Technique” by AirGrenade

Most Disturbing Story – “An Unusual Favor” by doubleintegral
Sexiest Story – “Blowing Up Space Girl” by tabackattack
Most Original Story – “The Snorkel Technique” by AirGrenade

Contest #2 (Summer Fun)

Best Story – “Pufferballs” by Dragon-6860

Most Disturbing Story – “Balloon Race” by InvizKing
Sexiest Story – “Impossibly Tight” by Blown Up
Most Original Plot – (tie) “Happyland” by Inflate123; “Bad Beans” by heliumgirl77

Contest #1 (500-word limit)

Best Story – “The Biggest Breath” by Kurg

Most Believable Expandee Reaction – “Trapped” by LVKane
Best Use of Tension – “The Biggest Breath” by Kurg
Most Disturbing Story – (tie) “Drink Me” by InvizKing; “The Meadow Encounter” by Anonymous
Most Epic Plot Crammed into 500 Words – “Compromised” by doubleintegral
Character You’d Like to Fuck – “Room 12” by Inflate123
Best Method of Expansion – (tie) “Click” by Dragon6860; “The Biggest Breath” by Kurg
Sexiest Story – “Room 12” by Inflate123
Best Expansion Description – “The Biggest Breath” by Kurg
Best Character – “The Biggest Breath” by Kurg

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