Prose That Blows

Floatatious Fizz (PtB10 entry – Squeezy)

The day started off so well. I had a good night’s sleep, a wonderful day at school and the weather was beautiful. The birds were singing and children were playing in the park I was at. Such a heavenly day and boy was it about to go badly wrong.

My boyfriend and I were chatting about various things that occurred today at school, mainly dull stuff that isn’t worth mentioning unless you’re some super geek. I was wearing a buttoned blouse with some blue jeans. I was also wearing a metal band shirt despite not even being into metal. Things got interesting when he gave me this bottle of pop. I never saw this brand before, it was called “Floatatious Fizz”. The name was fucking dumb that’s for sure, the colour was purple and the bubbles were fizzing furiously like someone just shook it up. Never the less, I was thirsty and needed a good drink. I opened the bottle, for some reason it didn’t fizz up like a recently shaken up bottle would, but I didn’t really think about that and chugged it down. I finished the bottle within seconds and let out a massive burp. My boyfriend laughed, “Woah, never seen you so thirsty before”.

Then I started to hear a hissing sound coming from somewhere. I looked around for the source of the noise, “Where the heck is that weird hissing sound coming from?” I asked, my boyfriend was just as clueless as me. I started to feel bloated, like really bloated, never been this bloated before in my life. Like there was a huge beach ball in my stomach. The hissing got louder, and that’s when it began. My belly started rising at a fast speed, my belt was struggling to keep of my expanding form before it couldn’t take it anymore. *snap* My belt burst off my body and my panties were starting to show. My gut expanded ever so faster and all the buttons on my blouse were getting so tight. Then one by one, *pop* they *pop* burst *pop* off my *pop* ballooning *pop* body. The shirt underneath my blouse, the metal band logo on the front, was exposed to the world. The logo getting larger as it stretched with my shirt, which even that was starting to feel like it couldn’t handle it anymore. My arms and legs started to plump up, tears began *rip* to show on the clothing containing *rip* them, the flesh seeping through as it ballooned into a rounder form. My torso was entirely round, and my blouse struggled to stay on as my limbs started to become absorbed by my balloon-like form. I started to float up off my seat, by this point I was spherical and was flapping my hands and feet around. My boyfriend grabbed hold of my right foot, but he too was starting to float up with me since he wasn’t strong enough to keep me to the ground. I was still expanding too, my shirt was *rip* starting to tear *rip* too. And then it just couldn’t take it anymore…*boom* it burst off into tiny fragments of fabric, my blouse was still hanging on around the back of my balloon body, but my naked body was now exposed to the world. My jeans couldn’t stretch with my body and were loose since the belt came off, finally they just slipped off my feet, though my boyfriend was able to keep it on my right foot, my panties were showing off to everyone! I was blushing, my face looked like that of an anime character blushing…it was so embarrassing.

I then landed in the branches of a tree. I was saved from the fate of floating up into the stratosphere and bursting. But how the heck would I get down now? I felt my boyfriend let go of my foot as this happened. I thought he abandoned me or something for a second. I started to cry, my tears coming out like Niagara Falls. Then I heard his voice.

“Damn it! Why did I give you that crap!? Ugh, don’t worry, the effect will go within an hour, just focus on getting the air out and it will go even sooner! I will wait for you to drop down”.

Then I realised what he meant. A whole hour of burping and fucking farting, remind me to kill him when I’m down would you?


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