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Prose that Blows 11 Results

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Voting closed a few weeks ago now but I have been told that not everyone is able to view the post on, so I’m repeating it here.

The identities of the authors are as follows:

  • A Note About Inflation – Degausser
  • At The Flick Of A Switch – TryalandError
  • Check, Please – Inflate 123
  • Katie – Habermann
  • Lust – Hourglass Lover
  • Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • Serenity – Lopni Lopnesh
  • Stress Inflating – FloatingHigh
  • The New Rules – HeliumGirl77
  • Untitled – Ironcat5000
  • The One Mile Circle – Chatter While Sleeping

Before we start though I must offer my deepest apologies to Chatter While Sleeping. Their story arrived late due to an issue with my spam filter that was entirely my fault not theirs. I did try to find a workaround where it still stood a fair chance of gaining recognition but unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that didn’t work, and the story ‘The One Mile Circle’ was handicapped by this.

But on to more positive news. Here’s the top three that you’ve all voted for in each category (and yes, people do seem to see a real distinction between best and sexiest).

Best Overall Story

It is maybe testament to the quality of entries to this contest that it was such a close-fought battle for the big award. Inflate 123 just nicks it by a single vote ahead of 4 authors in joint second place.

  • 1 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • 2 – At The Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • = – Katie – Habermann
  • = – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • = – The New Rules – HeliumGirl77

Sexiest Story

People do indeed differentiate between sexiest and best, and we have a different winner for the sexiest story. Congratulations go to Habermann.

  • 1 – Katie – Habermann
  • 2 – At the Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • 3 – Lust – Hourglass Lover

Most Original Interpretation of the Theme

It is always good to reward originality since it is easy for fetish writers to fall back to cliche; and so I’m delighted to see that every single entrant had at least one vote in this category, plaudits though are shared between HeliumGirl77 and Degausser.

  • 1 – A Note About Inflation -Degausser
  • = – The New Rules – HeliumGirl77
  • 3 – Rage Read – Throwaway261

Best Depiction of a Negative Emotion

Well, well, well. I know this category doesn’t cover the entire field (although 8 stories recieved votes in it) but Throwaway261 can be justifiably proud to have gained 75% of the vote in this category.

  • 1 – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • 2 – Stress Inflating – FloatingHigh
  • 3 – At the Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • = – The New Rules – Heliumgirl77

Best Depiction of a Positive Emotion

It is left up to voters to decide whether a particular story is eligible for categories such as positive and negative emotions, and all but one story recieved votes for this category, many recieving votes for both this and negative emotions. Degausser though, who shared his previous award, gets this one to himself.

  • 1 – A Note About Inflation – Degausser
  • 2 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • 3 – Katie – Habermann

Most Sympathetic Inflatee

Some people like to root for the inflatee, and those people clearly like the work of Inflate123 and Habermann.

  • 1 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • = – Katie – Habermann
  • 3 – The New Rules – Heliumgirl77

Least Sympathetic Inflatee

Finally, we have the award for the inflatee people were really rooting against, and once again it was won by a landslide by Throwaway261, who clearly has a talent for the darker side of the fetish with almost 40% of the votes.

  • 1 – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • 2 – Serenity – Lopni Lopnesh
  • = – Untitled – Ironcat5000

And that brings to an end the results. While I’m disappointed that ChatterWhileSleeping didn’t get a fair look it, I’m absolutely over the moon that every other author made the podium in at least one award, which really shows off the quality and variety of writing in the community.

Thank you for everyone who voted, and I hope that everyone who did vote, along with the authors and those who expressed an interest in writing but never managed to get a story it will consider entering the next one.



This will be the last Prose that Blows to run from this WordPress site. In future I will be migrating the competition to a platform better suited for the purpose and which I have more control over.

Prose that Blows 11 – It’s all about the feels.

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Hello everybody! Hope you all had a good Christmas. From the amount of messages I’ve been getting about it, I figure it must be around about time for another Prose that Blows.

Apologies if I’ve been giving the impression that the next competition is imminent and then dragging it out a bit. I haven’t seen Notso in a while, but we had discussed and agreed upon a topic for this competition back in the summer so I just needed to flesh it out into a post and put it up here. The idea was originally Notso’s.

This eleventh iteration of the popular Prose that Blows is all about emotion… specifically emotion-fired inflation. What we want you to do is write a story where the inflatee’s emotional state and state of inflation are intimately linked. This can take one of a number of forms, it could be that the emotion somehow causes the inflation, but we want you to be as creative as possible about about how the link is manifest. We’re not just saying focus more than you normally would do on the emotions the inflatee feels, we want to see it become a plot point.


  • All the general rules apply.
  • There is no specific rule for this one since it would be very difficult to put into words how I might disqualify a story for not following the theme, but I will let you know if you’ve submitted a story which in my opinion shows little or no regard for the them… as per the general rules.


  • The word limit for this competition is 1000 words. This is a shorter word limit than the last one but I feel the nature of the theme is more suited to a shorter story.

Award Categories

Voting will be held to select winners for the following categories.

  • Best overall story
  • Sexiest story
  • Most original interpretation of the theme
  • Best depiction of a negative emotion (i.e. fear, disgust, shock, anger, pain, hate, jealousy)
  • Best depiction of a positive emotion (i.e. delight, pleasure, love, relief)
  • Most sympathetic inflatee
  • Least sympathetic inflatee


  • To submit a story, email it to the organisers at
  • All submissions must be received no later than 12PM GMT (7am EST) on the 28th of February 2015
  • Any submission may be amended before the deadline, and organisers may suggest that a submission be amended should it fail to meet the competition guidelines.
  • Further dates for open and close of voting will be announced by the organisers once the deadline has passed.

Prose that Blows 10 (THE STORIES ARE HERE!!!!)

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Well, 2 months, 1 week and 2 deadline extensions later, we’re finally here folks. The entries for Prose that Blows 10 (We’re dedicated swallowers of fashion) are up!

We have, in total, 11 entries, which is a marvelous return. We would have had more but one person sent in an overly long story and never got back to us when asked to submit a shorter one, and one person unfortunately e-mailed a title and category but no story and never emailed back when we replied to say that the story wasn’t attached with the e-mail.

Squeezy clothing has definitely been more popular with 8 of the entries concerning this, but happily we managed to get 3 Stretchy entrants, so the award for best stretchy story will at least mean something.

The links for the stories are below. You’ll have to bear with me on the voting as I haven’t actually looked into how the previous organisers handled voting yet. But enjoy reading them for now, it’s probably better that you have chance to read them all before rushing into voting anyway.

All In – Squeezy

Blowing Her Socks Off – Squeezy

Evelyn Corsets – Squeezy

Floatatious Fizz – Squeezy

Hit and Run – Stretchy

Meddle Not – Squeezy

More than Yesterday – Squeezy

Sick – Squeezy

Springfield student discovers shocking weight loss trick! – Stretchy

The Inflation Shirt – Stretchy

The State Fair – Squeezy (OVERLIMIT 1241 words)

Prose that Blows X – We’re Dedicated Swallowers of Fashion

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Good day to you all from Prose that Blows’ new contest administrators Carnatic and Notsosupersaiyan. It has been almost a year now since Pakona first contacted us to ask if we would take over the running of the contest as real life priorities left them with not enough time to run it. Truth be told, we haven’t exactly been flush with time either and can only apologize for the length of time taken to reach this point. We would both like to thank Pakona and DoubleIntegral for their hard work in running 8 and a half of the previous contests and hope to continue the success story which they have been responsible for more than anyone else.

Carnatic is a long-time writer and part-time artist within the inflation community, he has a particular preference for female inflation with air, and especially popping (of the clean variety), he initiated the first Prose that Blows back in 2009 before being forced to take a back seat. He is currently working on an inflation thesaurus and a guide to writing inflation literature and is a keen advocate of getting more people in the community writing.

Notsosupersaiyan has been part of the inflation community for ten years, and a writer for six.  He believes bigger isn’t always better, and shape is more important than size.  He enjoys hourglass inflation and floating, and especially likes stories that pay attention to the progression from uninflated to inflated states, and the way the inflatee reacts to the process.  He’s a stickler for spelling, grammar, and good story structure and flow.

The tenth Prose that Blows is all about clothing, and specifically, what happens to it when the wearer begins to inflate. All kinds of clothing are welcome, from period dress to cosplay and from haute-couture to workwear but we do want to focus on a few aspects of clothing which are specific to inflation. These are:

Stretchy Clothing: Latex, wetsuits or just clothing which refuses to give up the fight; we want to hear about such things as how your inflatee’s clothing stretches and expands in tune with your inflatee, how that feels and whether it ever reaches its limit.

Squeezy Clothing: Tight, firm and constrictive clothing which can either start to strain and come apart as your inflatee stretches and it won’t, or begins to affect the shape of your inflatee as they bulge out around it. Again, how does the clothing react and how does your inflatee react to such restrictive clothing?

We will have a category for each of these as well as the standard sexiest category and an overall category. We will also have a category for the most creative choice of clothing to allow for any other crazy ideas you fashionistas of inflation have in mind.

Finally we will have a category for clothing destruction which will reward those writers for whom all this catwalk talk is too much and who need to retaliate in the most violent (towards clothes) way possible. So hopefully there is enough there for the fashion forward and plenty to please any fashion victims out there too.


  • All the general rules apply. Click here to view them. The special rules for this competition are as follows:
  • Your story must contain at least one instance of clothing fitting the ‘stretchy’ or ‘squeezy’ categories above. To avoid misunderstandings, when you submit the story you must also tell us which of the two ‘halves’ of the competition you wish to enter.
  • The story must not exceed 1200 words.
  • Remember, although the theme is split into two, as always; only one story per entrant.

Award categories

  • Best overall story
  • Best squeezy scene (only stories which the authors have told us are ‘squeezy’ will be entered)
  • Best stretchy scene (only stories which the authors have told us are ‘stretchy’ will be entered)
  • Sexiest Story
  • Most creative choice of clothing
  • Best scene of clothing destruction


  • Due to the split nature of the contest, we’ll have a “soft” submission deadline of the 31st of August 2013.  Any story submitted before this deadline which meets the criteria will be accepted.  If at the deadline we feel there is a shortage of either squeezy or stretchy stories, we may continue accepting entries in that category only.  At any point when we feel we have enough stories, or have waited long enough for them, we may put the polls up with no notice, at which point all further entries will of course be rejected.
  • Further dates for open and close of voting will be set by the organizers once submissions has closed.
  • Email your entries to  Good luck, and happy inflating!

Prose that Blows 9 – THE RESULTS

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There were 17 votes cast this time.

As always, here’s the list of who wrote what.  You can find the contest results after the jump.

“Better Luck Next Time” – SignoreMirtillo
“Bloated Comics Issue #38: The Attack on Cheergirl!!” – darth clone
“Dirigi-Belle’s Debut” – Helen Sweller
“Five Suns to Showdown” – The ProseBlower
“The Eye of Helios” – notsosupersaiyan
“Vinylady vs. The Penetrator” – Infl8orama
“Wicked Game” – EmperorNorton


Prose that Blows 9 – Voting NOW OPEN

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You have seven entries to choose from this time around.

Voting will end on Friday, August 24 at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time.


  1. Better Luck Next Time
  2. Bloated Comics Issue #38: The Attack on Cheergirl!!
  3. Dirigi-Belle’s Debut
  4. Five Suns to Showdown
  5. The Eye of Helios
  6. Vinylady vs. The Penetrator
  7. Wicked Game



You are voting on the following categories:

  • Best Story
  • Most Original Story
  • Most Superest Superhero/Supervillain
  • Most Action-Packed Story

Happy voting!

Delay in posting PTB9 stories

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Sorry for the delay in posting the stories, folks.

I’ve been trying to contact one of the authors about a problem with their submission.  I will not say their name, but suffice it to say, if you submitted a story please check your e-mail to see if you have an e-mail from me addressing this problem.

Because of this, and because I want as many people as possible to participate, and I don’t want to reject any current entries, I am extending the deadline for another week.  Stories will now be due on Friday, August 10 at 11:59pm Eastern (US) Time.  Authors who already submitted a story may submit any revisions they want, and the author in question should definitely submit their revisions by then.  Others who did not participate may send in their stories as well.

Prose that Blows 9 – NOW OPEN

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How the contest works

Submission deadline: Friday, August 3, 2012, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time
Voting deadline: Friday, August 20, 2012, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time

Happy writing!

Prose that Blows 8 – THE RESULTS

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There were 21 votes cast this time.

As always, here’s the list of who wrote what.  You can find the contest results after the jump.

“A Job That Blows” – Mark B.
“After a Wild Night” – Ordos Tsceri
“Community Service” – doubleintegral
“Forgiveness” – T-Danger
“Tethered” – yrralldlok2
“The Curious Case of Wendy’s Pregnancy” – notsosupersaiyan
“The Frog Who Became Bigger than the Ox” – Dr. Bo
“Unlikely Heroine” – Rathani


PTB8 Results will be posted tonight

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Sorry for the delay.