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Prose that Blows 11 Results

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Voting closed a few weeks ago now but I have been told that not everyone is able to view the post on, so I’m repeating it here.

The identities of the authors are as follows:

  • A Note About Inflation – Degausser
  • At The Flick Of A Switch – TryalandError
  • Check, Please – Inflate 123
  • Katie – Habermann
  • Lust – Hourglass Lover
  • Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • Serenity – Lopni Lopnesh
  • Stress Inflating – FloatingHigh
  • The New Rules – HeliumGirl77
  • Untitled – Ironcat5000
  • The One Mile Circle – Chatter While Sleeping

Before we start though I must offer my deepest apologies to Chatter While Sleeping. Their story arrived late due to an issue with my spam filter that was entirely my fault not theirs. I did try to find a workaround where it still stood a fair chance of gaining recognition but unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that didn’t work, and the story ‘The One Mile Circle’ was handicapped by this.

But on to more positive news. Here’s the top three that you’ve all voted for in each category (and yes, people do seem to see a real distinction between best and sexiest).

Best Overall Story

It is maybe testament to the quality of entries to this contest that it was such a close-fought battle for the big award. Inflate 123 just nicks it by a single vote ahead of 4 authors in joint second place.

  • 1 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • 2 – At The Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • = – Katie – Habermann
  • = – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • = – The New Rules – HeliumGirl77

Sexiest Story

People do indeed differentiate between sexiest and best, and we have a different winner for the sexiest story. Congratulations go to Habermann.

  • 1 – Katie – Habermann
  • 2 – At the Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • 3 – Lust – Hourglass Lover

Most Original Interpretation of the Theme

It is always good to reward originality since it is easy for fetish writers to fall back to cliche; and so I’m delighted to see that every single entrant had at least one vote in this category, plaudits though are shared between HeliumGirl77 and Degausser.

  • 1 – A Note About Inflation -Degausser
  • = – The New Rules – HeliumGirl77
  • 3 – Rage Read – Throwaway261

Best Depiction of a Negative Emotion

Well, well, well. I know this category doesn’t cover the entire field (although 8 stories recieved votes in it) but Throwaway261 can be justifiably proud to have gained 75% of the vote in this category.

  • 1 – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • 2 – Stress Inflating – FloatingHigh
  • 3 – At the Flick of a Switch – TryalandError
  • = – The New Rules – Heliumgirl77

Best Depiction of a Positive Emotion

It is left up to voters to decide whether a particular story is eligible for categories such as positive and negative emotions, and all but one story recieved votes for this category, many recieving votes for both this and negative emotions. Degausser though, who shared his previous award, gets this one to himself.

  • 1 – A Note About Inflation – Degausser
  • 2 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • 3 – Katie – Habermann

Most Sympathetic Inflatee

Some people like to root for the inflatee, and those people clearly like the work of Inflate123 and Habermann.

  • 1 – Check Please – Inflate 123
  • = – Katie – Habermann
  • 3 – The New Rules – Heliumgirl77

Least Sympathetic Inflatee

Finally, we have the award for the inflatee people were really rooting against, and once again it was won by a landslide by Throwaway261, who clearly has a talent for the darker side of the fetish with almost 40% of the votes.

  • 1 – Rage Read – Throwaway261
  • 2 – Serenity – Lopni Lopnesh
  • = – Untitled – Ironcat5000

And that brings to an end the results. While I’m disappointed that ChatterWhileSleeping didn’t get a fair look it, I’m absolutely over the moon that every other author made the podium in at least one award, which really shows off the quality and variety of writing in the community.

Thank you for everyone who voted, and I hope that everyone who did vote, along with the authors and those who expressed an interest in writing but never managed to get a story it will consider entering the next one.



This will be the last Prose that Blows to run from this WordPress site. In future I will be migrating the competition to a platform better suited for the purpose and which I have more control over.

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