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Prose that Blows 10 (THE STORIES ARE HERE!!!!)

Posted in Uncategorized by carnatichall on October 7, 2013

Well, 2 months, 1 week and 2 deadline extensions later, we’re finally here folks. The entries for Prose that Blows 10 (We’re dedicated swallowers of fashion) are up!

We have, in total, 11 entries, which is a marvelous return. We would have had more but one person sent in an overly long story and never got back to us when asked to submit a shorter one, and one person unfortunately e-mailed a title and category but no story and never emailed back when we replied to say that the story wasn’t attached with the e-mail.

Squeezy clothing has definitely been more popular with 8 of the entries concerning this, but happily we managed to get 3 Stretchy entrants, so the award for best stretchy story will at least mean something.

The links for the stories are below. You’ll have to bear with me on the voting as I haven’t actually looked into how the previous organisers handled voting yet. But enjoy reading them for now, it’s probably better that you have chance to read them all before rushing into voting anyway.

All In – Squeezy

Blowing Her Socks Off – Squeezy

Evelyn Corsets – Squeezy

Floatatious Fizz – Squeezy

Hit and Run – Stretchy

Meddle Not – Squeezy

More than Yesterday – Squeezy

Sick – Squeezy

Springfield student discovers shocking weight loss trick! – Stretchy

The Inflation Shirt – Stretchy

The State Fair – Squeezy (OVERLIMIT 1241 words)