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Prose that Blows 9 – THE RESULTS

Posted in Uncategorized by doubleintegral on August 24, 2012

There were 17 votes cast this time.

As always, here’s the list of who wrote what.  You can find the contest results after the jump.

“Better Luck Next Time” – SignoreMirtillo
“Bloated Comics Issue #38: The Attack on Cheergirl!!” – darth clone
“Dirigi-Belle’s Debut” – Helen Sweller
“Five Suns to Showdown” – The ProseBlower
“The Eye of Helios” – notsosupersaiyan
“Vinylady vs. The Penetrator” – Infl8orama
“Wicked Game” – EmperorNorton


Prose that Blows 9 – Voting NOW OPEN

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You have seven entries to choose from this time around.

Voting will end on Friday, August 24 at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time.


  1. Better Luck Next Time
  2. Bloated Comics Issue #38: The Attack on Cheergirl!!
  3. Dirigi-Belle’s Debut
  4. Five Suns to Showdown
  5. The Eye of Helios
  6. Vinylady vs. The Penetrator
  7. Wicked Game



You are voting on the following categories:

  • Best Story
  • Most Original Story
  • Most Superest Superhero/Supervillain
  • Most Action-Packed Story

Happy voting!

Delay in posting PTB9 stories

Posted in Uncategorized by doubleintegral on August 7, 2012

Sorry for the delay in posting the stories, folks.

I’ve been trying to contact one of the authors about a problem with their submission.  I will not say their name, but suffice it to say, if you submitted a story please check your e-mail to see if you have an e-mail from me addressing this problem.

Because of this, and because I want as many people as possible to participate, and I don’t want to reject any current entries, I am extending the deadline for another week.  Stories will now be due on Friday, August 10 at 11:59pm Eastern (US) Time.  Authors who already submitted a story may submit any revisions they want, and the author in question should definitely submit their revisions by then.  Others who did not participate may send in their stories as well.