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Prose that Blows 5 – THE RESULTS

Posted in Uncategorized by doubleintegral on April 2, 2011

The voting for this contest was unprecedented, not necessarily in the overall turnout but in how spread out the voting was.  That tells me that there were a lot of really good stories and they all deserve recognition, and almost all of the margins were very close.

As always, here’s the list of who wrote what.  You can find the contest results after the jump.

“According to Plan” – TheRedWasp
“An Alternative to Smoking” – InvizKing
“The C. Plenty Building Incident” – Dr. Bo
“The Factory” – The Unknown
“Handle” – yrralldlok2
“More Maxine” – Inflate123
“Neighbours” – heliumgirl77
“Outbreak” – T-Danger
“A Poor Choice of Words” – Luther Kane
“Rivals” – Rathani
“Routine Physical” – doubleintegral
“Spontaneous” – Pakona
“Stiff Lower Lip” – nineteenthly
“The Sting” – notsosupersaiyan
“That’s the Power of Thongs” – AlecDeluxe